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1970s JEN Elettronica Double Sound Super Fuzz & Wah Pedal w/ Fasel, Italy Crybaby


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Up for sale, a 1970s JEN Elettronica Double Sound Super fuzz/wah pedal in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. Manufactured in Italy, this pedal traces its genesis to a partnership between Thomas Organ, JMI, and Italian guitar manufacturer Eko, who joined to form the European Musical Electronics, producing “electronic musical instruments and equipment;” including some of the first Crybaby wahs. In 1968, upper management at EME broke off and formed JEN Elettronica, who made pedals directly for Vox and Thomas Organ, and released their own line of wahs as well. JEN Elettronica produced wah pedals throughout the 1970s before being acquired by Dunlop at the end of the decade; this Double Sound Super combines a rich, vocal wah with a churning, warm fuzz. The original circuit is untouched, featuring a yellow Fasel inductor for the wah and a quartet of 239C silicon transistors for the fuzz. The wah offers a smooth, even taper, with plenty of midrange “oomph,” and the fuzz has lots of lower-midrange body and sizzle, not quite as aggressive as some other fuzz-wahs of the era, delivering a creamy buzz without getting abrasive or harsh. There’s a two-way switch on the side of the enclosure to toggle between Fuzz-Wah and Wah-Wah, and the Fuzz can be engaged independently of the Wah by simply disengaging the footswitch while the Fuzz-Wah is selected, reintroducing some brightness and sparkle. The treadle actuates smoothly, with just enough resistance for a dynamic feel. This pedal is built like a tank, with sparingly little cosmetic wear beyond a handful of minor nicks and scuffs along the edges of the enclosure. The graphics on the baseplate are pristine, and the baseplate also retains its distinctive white rubber bumper and four rubber feet. The original carry case is included.