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1970s Foxx Tone Machine Vintage Octave Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal, Red Flocked


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Up for sale, a 1970s Foxx Tone Machine in excellent condition. The original version of this iconic octave fuzz, this Tone Machine retains a clean flocked (fuzzy) red enclosure. A rich, positively roaring pedal with tons of sizzle and/or thickness at the twist of a knob, the Tone Machine has a switchable upper octave effect, with notably more tonal flexibility than the majority of its competitors in the era.

The circuit has been professionally recapped, retaining its original silicon transistors, resistors and pots. The pedal features one new 1/4" jack as well.

The bottom of the enclosure retains its original feet, with the remnants of the Foxx foil label. The metal plaque is intact on the top of the pedal (with mis-spelled "Octive" text), and the red flocking on the enclosure is in great shape.