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1970s Acoustic 160 Vintage Solid State Guitar Amp Non-Catalog Model w/ Fuzz & Reverb, Jensen EM1220


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Up for sale, a 1970's Acoustic model 160 vintage solid state amplifier in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This non-catalog model Acoustic is exceedingly rare, loaded with a pair of 1960 Jensen EM1220 cast frame alnico magnet speakers. Versatile, powerful, and surprisingly warm, the 160 features onboard Tremolo, Reverb, and Fuzz! Each effect is a stunning example, with Reverb that has great decay and a lush, dripping sound and Tremolo that is thick and pulsating, with a great range of speeds. The Fuzz is particularly noteworthy, with a roaring, sizzling sound that responds very well to the amp's EQ controls and works well with the other onboard effects as well. The 160 is a two channel affair, with each channel boasting Volume, EQ, and Acoustic's signature Variamp tone switch with both knobs to engage the effect and a secondary control to blend it into the signal.

Cosmetically, the amp is clean as can be with a near mint faceplate and all of the original machined aluminum knobs. The aluminum trim highlights the smooth black tolex and light blue panels, and both Jensen speakers have minty frames and viable cones.