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1970 Fender Bantam Bass Vintage Silverface Tube Amp, 30 Watt, 6L6


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Up for sale, a 1970 Fender Bantam Bass vintage tube amp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. A fairly rare amp only produced from 1969-71 early in the Silverface era, the Bantam Bass is essentially a precursor to the Bassman 10, sharing the same chassis, yet featuring a 30 watt tube-rectified circuit.

Unique in Fender's vintage amp line, the Bantam Bass is loaded from the factory with a Yamaha-made trapezoidal speaker with a styrofoam cone. A much vilified speaker, yet quite rare to find intact and fully functional as with this example, the speaker certainly isn't meant for heavy hitting, dime-your-amp destruction, but it does sound perfectly fine at moderate volumes. Given its modest 30 watt output, the Bantam Bass has found more use in guitar circles than as a bass amp, yet the simple controls, two channel design and decently sized transformers makes the Bantam Bass a great platform for Fender's heralded cleans and even some overdriven grit at higher volumes.

The circuit is extremely original, serviced only as needed to ensure optimal functionality. All of the original Schumacher-made transformers are intact, dating to the first weeks of 1970, and unlike the Bassman 10, the Bantam Bass has a proper choke in addition to the output and power transformers. All of the original brown molded signal caps are intact, and the CTS pots are all present as well, with visible date codes from the 28th week of '69. The power supply boasts a full recap with high quality F&Ts, and the smaller electrolytic caps in the preamp have been upgraded with Sprages as well. The bias supply has also been converted to a traditional Black Panel-style (not the oft-maligned "bias balance" of the Silverface years). The tube complement includes a pair of Ruby 6L6 power tubes, a vintage 5U4 rectifier and pair of RCA-branded preamp tubes, and a modern 12AT7 EH rectifier.

The original Yamaha-made trapezoidal speaker with styrofoam cone is intact, thoroughly tested, and fully functional, although we cannot guarantee the viability of this fragile cone when shipped. The original tube chart is intact inside the enclosure as well.

Cosmetically, this Bantam Bass is extremely clean, with original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth with turquoise stripe. The aluminum faceplate has extremely clean turquoise text and all original witch hat knobs, and stock hardware includes the pair of tilt-back legs, raised Fender logo with tail, corners, handle caps, and sphinx glides (feet).

A fitted slip cover is included