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1969 Vox Series 90 Vintage Amp Head & Cab w/ Celestion Silver Bell T1656 Speakers


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Up for sale, a 1969 Vox Series 90 vintage solid state amplifier head and speaker cabinet in excellent condition and in perfect working order. A very rare and short-lived series of Vox amps only produced in small quantities from 1969-71, this Series 90 set features the V132 preamp head and V131 speaker cabinet and power amp, loaded with the original pair of immaculate Celestion Silver Bell T1656 speakers. Freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this vintage amp head was produced by Vox's USA distributor in the '60s, Thomas Organ.

The replacement in Vox's amp lineup for both the Beatle and Royal Guardsman, the Series 90 was a unique design in that the head featured only the preamp, connecting to the power amp housed in the speaker cabinet via an eight-pin "octal" cable. A two-channel design, the Series 90 preamp model V132 shared the same features as the V1083 Vox Berkeley III, with onboard Reverb and Tremolo effects.

This Series 90 offers both a distinctive chiming, percussive clean sound as well as sizzling overdriven grit, sonically within the paradigm of the solid state circuitry that Thomas Organ was pioneering in the USA. Yet what makes this amp unique is that it retains its highly valuable pair of original Celestion Silver Bell T1656 speakers, a $1400+ value on their own. These speakers are pristine, with flawless original Pulsonic cones, Vox stickers on the magnet covers, and DB-prefix date stamps on the legs that date to February of 1969.

Both the head and speaker cabinet retain their original black tolex and diamond lattice grillcloth, with a raised vertical Vox logo on the cab, one-pin corners, and pair of molded handles. All of the original chrome-plated metal knurled knobs are intact, and the faceplate is notably well-kept. The Vox model badge is also intact on the back of the speaker cabinet, and the cab has the factory holes on either side for the trolley mounting brackets.