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1968 Vox Continental Vintage Combo Organ Keyboard V301E Italian w/ Z Legs, Case


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Up for sale, a 1968 Vox Continental model V301E in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original chrome Z legs and matching case. King of the Combo Organs, this Vox dishes out everything from deep, B3-esque swirl to quintessential '60s reedy cut. The versatility and nuance available with the six drawbar design is truly staggering, and the complexity and sheer variety of the tones available make the Continental the standout choice for gigging and studio work. Nothing comes close to emulating the rich, edgy organ textures of a Continental, and their reliability and tonal versatility made them a favorite of the Beatles, the Doors, Elvis Costello, and many others.

This organ has been freshly serviced, with a fully recapped power supply and vibrato card. All drawbar settings and keys contacts have been cleaned and respond as they should, and the keys are level and play smoothly with a responsive action. Original white and black drawbar tips are intact, along with the stock On/Off and Vibrato switches. The power cable receptacle has been upgraded to a modern three-prong IEC style.

This organ retains its original smooth gray covering on the organ and textured orange top, complete with raised, gold "Vox" logo. The Thomas Organ serial number badge and "Vox Continental" logos are both present as well, with the tiny "Made in Italy" badge present above the larger model/serial number plaque. On the inside of the lid and base of the organ, the original production and inspection badges have matching serial numbers, one of which has a March, 1968 date stamp. There is modest wear on the enclosure edges, with some minor scuffs and a couple bald corners.

For achieving the most oft-imitated and highly desired combo organ tones, this Vox Continental will do it with a depth, nuance, and variety not found in any other keyboard.

The original Z legs are included and have clean chrome plating, along with the matching legs case which retains its belts to secure the legs and red felt lining on half of the interior.

A note on shipping: Shipping in the continental USA will be via FedEx and will cost $225. We use double thick boxes, 1" foam, and industrial 1/2" bubble wrap to assure that your combo organ arrives safely (legs and legs case shipped separately). Due to the vintage and mechanically complex nature of this item, buyer acknowledges that there is a slight risk involved with shipping this keyboard, and accepts this risk in the unlikely event that the item may need minor adjustment upon arrival. Careful adjustment of the trim pots is part of normal maintenance. We have safely packed many vintage analog keyboards and fully insure our shipments against loss or damage. We're here to help our customers get to know their vintage keyboards and we really care!