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1968 Silvertone 40XL Vintage Tube Guitar Combo Amp 1x12, Near Mint w/ Box & Ftsw, Danelectro USA-Made


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Up for sale, a 1968 Silvertone 40XL vintage 1x12 tube guitar amp in near mint condition, complete with the original shipping box, footswitch, and full complement of Silvertone-branded tubes. Made in the USA by Danelectro for Sears' Silvertone line of instruments, the 40XL is in many ways analogous to Marshall's 18 watt 1974 model in its tonal intent, with a two-channel design, dual 7189 output tubes, 1x12 cabinet, and both Reverb and Tremolo onboard.

The 40XL was offered in both tube and solid state versions, this amp being the much more desirable all-tube version. For articulate cleans and rich overdrive characteristics, the 40XL excels. The Tremolo has a nice pulse, and the Reverb has a trashy, splashy sound indicative of the smaller reverb tanks used in Silvertone's amps of all sizes.

An amp that ostensibly sat unplayed for many decades, this Silvertone was carefully brought back up to original voltages via a variac, and all components were tested. The circuit is 100% original save for one new resistor, and the original CTS pots date to the 42nd week of '68. Naturally, the original transformers are present, and the silkscreen text and graphics on the chassis are extremely clean, with only a few tiny nicks on the dark green block of color surrounding the input jacks. All of the original tubes are present with clean matching Silvertone text on the valves.

The speaker is the original alnico magnet driver made by Fisher with a clean frame and original, viable cone. The dark greenish-gray tolex is remarkably well-kept, and the enclosure retains the original handle and rubber feet.

The original shipping box is included in three pieces (majority of box, front panel, top). The box has bright graphics and the original Danelectro shipping label. The two-button footswitch for engaging the Reverb and Tremolo effects is also included.