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1968 Fender Vibratone Vintage Rotating Speaker Cabinet Drip Edge w/ Footswitch, Leslie 16


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Up for sale, a 1968 Fender Vibratone rotating speaker cabinet in excellent condition and in good working order. A unique vintage rotating speaker cabinet, this Vibratone is a very early example of this model, identical in function and specifications to the Leslie Model 16. A rebranding of the Leslie design, as both Fender and Leslie were under CBS ownership in '68, the Vibratone is a gigable and studio-worthy tool with drip edge cosmetics. A true Leslie rotating speaker experience, the Vibratone/Model 16 is powered by your amp of choice, plugging into the speaker jack on your amp and also connecting to your amp's speaker harness as well. Working in tandem with your amp, the Vibratone has two speeds (slow/fast), and can also be toggled on and off via the included original two-button Fender footswitch. A swirling, thick sound, the Vibratone has that incredible three-dimensional quality and spatial warmth that only comes with a true Leslie, and its modest size and rugged construction make it a gigable and portable package. This Vibratone cabinet has just been serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, with freshly lubed motors and footswitch/umbilical wiring that has been checked out to ensure trouble-free use. This Vibratone sports the original rotating styrofoam drum and 10" speaker. The Vibratone has a built-in crossover as well, sending the high and low frequencies to the accompanying amp and focusing on the midrange bands. The effect is dispersed horizontally, with grilles on the sides and top of the cabinet. The cabinet sports stock smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth with turquoise stripe framed by the "drip edge" aluminum trim used by Fender only from 1968-69. Visually distinctive from later Vibratone cabs, this cab has a simple raised Fender amp badge as opposed to the larger silkscreened aluminum band seen on later iterations. The original Vibratone badge is intact on the back of the cabinet, and wear is limited to some requisite scuffs, and a couple isolated spots of wear through the tolex.  The stock black footswitch is included with the original paper label, and all of the assorted connections are present and work as intended.