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1968 Fender Super Reverb Drip Edge Vintage Tube Amp w/ Black Panel Circuit, Weber Alnico


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Up for sale, a 1968 Fender Super Reverb in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a vintage two-button footswitch. A transitional "drip edge" example, this amp features a set of unique cosmetic cues including aluminum trim framing the grillcloth and an early Silverface faceplate. Under the hood, this Super Reverb retains the same AB763 circuitry and components as its Black Panel-era predecessor.

The amp pushes 40 particularly robust watts of pure Fender clean tone via a pair of JJ 6L6GC power tubes. Perfect for gigging situations and an ideal recording amplifier, the amp provides pristine, muscly Fender cleans until around 4-5 range on the volume dial, where the amp cascades into smooth overdrive. The Reverb is lush and deep, and the Tremolo has a nice pulse, with everything from swampy and slow to quick chattering pulses.

The circuit retains all of the original Schmacher-made transformers (Fender's primary supplier in the Black and Silver Panel eras), dating between the 8th and 21st weeks of '68. The original CTS pots are all intact as well, with visible date codes from the 48th week of '67. The preamp is extremely original, with a combination of blue Ajax and brown molded capacitors, a couple new Sprague Orange Drops and a modern bias cap, ensuring a fine-tuned and stable bias supply. The power supply retains the original (still viable) Mallory caps, and a three-prong power cable has been installed. Tubes include the JJ power tube pair, a Sovtek GZ34 rectifier, and a host of vintage preamp tubes from the likes of GE and RCA.

The speakers are a modern quartet of Weber's Signature alnico magnet 10" drivers. Inside the cab, the original tube chart is present as well. The original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth with turquoise stripe are intact, and stock hardware includes the nickel-plated corners, Fender logo, tilt-back chrome legs, handle caps, chassis straps and sphinx glides (feet). The chassis itself is very clean, as is the original faceplate and stock witch hat knobs.

This well-maintained vintage Super Reverb has been serviced to sound its best and run reliably for years to come, with modern power tubes and a clean bill of health.

A vintage two-button footswitch is included.