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1968 Fender Bronco Vintage Silverface Drip Edge Tube Amp Class A, Black Panel Circuit, Vibro Champ


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Up for sale, a 1968 Fender Bronco in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order with a 100% original circuit. One of the very first Bronco amps ever produced, this amp is identical to the Vibro Champ in terms of circuitry, and a cosmetically rarer variant paired with Fender's Bronco guitar. The "drip edge" aluminum trim and thin vertical black lines on the faceplate are visual markers of the first Broncos, and the circuit is identical to the Black Panel amps of the previous year. In fact, this amp is so transitional that it still has a Vibro Champ tube chart, crossed out to say "Bronco" from the factory.

This amp boasts one of Fender's purest circuits, and this Class A design delivers five all tube watts of clear, chiming cleans and raucous, sizzling drive with a twist of the Volume knob. This Bronco breaks up nicely too, sounding positively huge with a mic in front of it. The Vibrato has a nice pulse and chop, and this amp is a studio and apartment-friendly combo that delivers a dynamic, sparkling vintage Fender sound.

The circuit is untouched, and all components have been tested, ensuring optimal performance. The original Schumacher-made transformers date back to 1967, and all of the original CTS pots are intact with visible date codes from the 14th week of '66. The tube complement includes a vintage RCA 6V6 power tube and matching 5Y3 rectifier, with modern valves in the preamp.

The speaker is the original Oxford-made and Fender-branded 8" alnico magnet driver. The speaker has been freshly reconed, and the small blue foil Fender sticker is intact on the magnet. The original tube chart is intact inside the cabinet and in excellent shape with sharp corners, noting the AA764 circuit. The chart is for a Vibro Champ, crossed out at the factory to say "Bronco."

The original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth with blue stripe is intact, and the faceplate is bright and clean with the red silkscreen text exclusive to the Bronco model, along with full complement of witch hat knobs. The original hardware is intact including the handle caps, chassis straps, sphinx glides (feet), and raised logo.