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1967 Rickenbacker 360 Vintage Guitar Azureglo w/ Toaster Pickups, Case


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Up for sale, a 1967 Rickenbacker 360 in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original silver tolex hardshell case. An example of the "new style" 360 body with rounded edges on top and checkerboard binding framing the back, first introduced in the mid-60s, this guitar boasts an exceedingly clean factory-refinished custom color Azureglo gloss.

The 360's semi-hollow construction delivers a natural warmth and breadth, balanced by the articulation and treble detail of maple as a tonewood, These qualities are channeled faithfully via the alnico magnet Toaster Top pickups, and each pickup position has a distinct, chiming sound with Rickenbacker's unmistakable jangle. The guitar weighs 7lbs 3oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with low action and fresh 10-46 strings.

The maple/walnut neck has a medium C-shaped profile carve with moderate shoulder and an easy-playing feel, measuring .835” at the 1st fret and .895" at the 12th. The thick slab rosewood fretboard has white binding, red side dots, and triangular crushed pearl inlays that extend all the way to the fretboard edges. The original slender frets have been lightly leveled and crowned in the guitar's lifetime, still retaining a surprising amount of meat given their size and showing no wear, playing cleanly up the 24 3/4" scale with a straight neck and responsive, optimally adjusted truss rods. The original nut measures 1 5/8" in width, and the headstock features its original lucite truss rod cover and full complement of Kluson Deluxe double line tuning machines which turn smoothly and hold pitch as they should.

All of the electronics work as intended, with Rickenbacker's traditional five knob layout and dual outputs. The original CTS pots date are intact, dating back to the 48th week of '66, and the GC-prefix serialized jack plate conclusively dates production to March, 1967. The control cavity is labeled "365", as this guitar originally left the factory as a 365 model with an Accent vibrato tailpiece (presumably in Mapleglo, given the "Nat" marking also in the cavity). As such, the original bridge is intact, as was Rickenbacker's style for vibrato-equipped guitars, with small brass rollers central to the saddles. Beneath the R tailpiece hinge is a wooden dowel for the original (lower) strap button position, flawlessly plugged before the current Azureglo gloss was applied and only partially visible where the dowel extends into the binding. The R tailpiece is also a 12 string design, with extra notches for the string courses. Stock plastics include the dual tiered pickguard and knobs, all of which are incredibly clean.

The Azureglo gloss finish is absolutely perfect in its tint and saturation, shot with the same finish composition as an Azureglo of the era. The perfection of this finish is such that it could only be Rickenbacker factory work. Cosmetically, this 360 is exceedingly clean, and wear is limited to a very small spot of faint buckle rash at the bass-side waist on the back, and a couple additional stray finish scratches in the clear coat on the body as a whole.

The original silver tolex hardshell case with blue plush interior is included. The case shows moderate wear on the black leather ends, retaining its original trio of latches and stock handle.