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1967 Maestro Echoplex EP-2 Vintage Tube Tape Delay Echo, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1967 Maestro Echoplex EP-2 in excellent condition and in good working order, freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. This is the classic, and from a player's perspective, most desirable version of the original tube Echoplex, delivering rich, warm tape delay that has been modeled and emulated by every other delay stompbox over the last 50 years. This unit has been meticulously maintained with clean heads, and excellent, clear tone that delivers the musical gain and dynamic pulse of true tube powered tape echo. Aside from regular maintenance on the heads, the unit has needed little to keep it operating within original factory spec.

The original CTS pots date to the 45th week of 1967, and the stock transformer is intact. The point-to-point circuit is 100% original with untouched solder joints. The tubes are all vintage valves that have been tested and function reliably. On the face of the unit, the pair of vintage knobs are intact. Most of the original white lettering is still present on the brushed aluminum face as well, which shows modest surface patina. The gray/green covering on the enclosure is fully intact, with various scuffs and wear on the edges as pictured.

A footswitch is included.