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1967 Gibson Skylark GA-5 Vintage Tube Amp 1x10, Collector-Grade & Serviced w/ Hangtag


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Up for sale, a 1967 Gibson Skylark GA-5 in near mint, collector-grade condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original hangtag and stock tube set. This pint-sized wonder pushes roughly 10 all-tube watts via a pair of matched 6BQ5 (EL84) power tubes, with a three knob design that sounds great no matter where the controls are set. From mostly clean, crisp tones low on the volume dial to sizzling overdrive when you dime it out, this amp is at home in a studio and sounds great with a microphone in front of it. Dynamic and sweet with the original alnico magnet 10” speaker, this Skylark responds well to a variety of pickups.

The point-to-point wired circuit has been fully serviced and recapped as necessary, with a few new caps in the preamp and a complete recap of the power supply. The original output transformer has a 1967 date code, the power transformer is a drop-in vintage replacement, and the CTS pots have visible dates from the 51st week of '66. The chassis is remarkably clean, with all of the original black silkscreen text present, along with the original witch hat knobs. The tubes consist of a matched pair of vintage 6BQ5 (EL84) power tubes, along with a 12AU7 in the preamp. The original stamped frame speaker has a small alnico magnet with a mostly intact “Gibson” foil sticker, and the cone still sounds good, with a smooth, clear response.

The cabinet sports its original textured black covering with silver sparkle grillcloth.  Even the stock leather handle and small rubber feet are intact.  There are some very light wear on the bottom of the cabinet, but as the photos show, this is an extremely well-preserved and fully serviced vintage Skylark.

The original hangtag is included.