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1967 Fender Princeton Reverb Vintage Black Panel Tube Amp w/ Jensen C10Q


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Up for sale, a 1967 Fender Princeton Reverb in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Thoroughly serviced and notably clean cosmetically, the Princeton Reverb is the perfect amplifier for small club gigs and studio sessions. This classic Fender AA764 Black Panel circuit delivers both well-balanced, sparkling cleans and smooth, harmonic-rich overdrive when you dime it out. The Reverb is extremely lush and the Tremolo has a nice pulse with a wide range of speeds.

The chassis itself is very clean, with a vintage factory spec Fender output transformer that dates to early '68 and a new Mercury Magnetics power transformer. All of the famed blue molded Ajax tone caps are intact in the preamp (an essential part of the Black Panel sound), and both the bypass caps and larger multi-section can cap in the power supply have been upgraded with modern parts to ensure trouble-free performance. The power cable has been upgraded to the modern three-prong variety too. All of the original pots are intact, dating back to '66. The tubes consist of a vintage matched pair of gray plate RCA 6V6s with a Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier and the amp has mostly vintage valves in the preamp as well, with tubes made by Telefunken and RCA. All of the tubes were carefully chosen for a very dynamic and rich sound to compliment the Princeton circuit.

The speaker is a vintage Jensen C10Q, with a clean frame, recent professional recone, and traditional brown and gold Jensen foil sticker on the magnet. The speaker retains the original cloth wires as well, complete with the original speaker jack with Fender "F" cap. The tube chart is very clean, with crisp corners and a "QD" date stamp from April of 1967.

As the photos show, the original black tolex is extremely clean, with only a few very minor nicks and scuffs, and the original silver sparkle grillcloth retains the raised Fender logo. All of the original hardware is intact, and the upper back panel is a modern replacement courtesy of Mojotone.

This vintage Black Panel Princeton Reverb works exactly as it should, sounds great, and is ready for another 50 years of use.