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1967 Fender Bandmaster Black Panel Vintage Piggyback Tube Amp Head, AB763


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Up for sale, a 1967 Fender Bandmaster in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The head is one of the very last Black Panel amps ever produced (having already transitioned to the turquoise stripe grillcloth seen on the "Drip Edge" amps). This 40 watt Black Panel Fender features an AB763 circuit, delivering rich, balanced cleans and cascading into smooth tube overdrive at higher volumes. The cleans are balanced and warm, with Fender's sparkling top end and the ability to dial in just the right amount of grit and light tube compression. Via the Vibrato channel, the photocell tremolo has a strong pulse and wide range of speeds.

The AB763 circuit is extremely original, retaining the stock Schumacher-made transformers that date between the 35th week of 1966 and the 26th week of '67  The preamp retains all of the famed blue molded Ajax tone caps, essential to the sweet, musical sound of the Black Panel circuits, and the original CTS pots have visible date codes from the 28th week of '66. The main filter caps and smaller electrolytic caps in the preamp have been upgraded with modern components from the likes of F&T and Sprague, ensuring the circuit functions optimally, and a modern three-prong power cable has also been installed. The tube complement includes a pair of matched Sovtek 5881 (6L6GC) power tubes, a vintage Westinghouse 12AT7 phase inverter, and modern valves in the preamp. The head cab retains the original clean tube chart, lacking a date stamp as it was produced so closely to the Drip Edge/Silverface amps where a date stamp on the chart was omitted.

The head features original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth with turquoise stripe, complete with the original raised "Fender" badge. Hardware includes original nickel corners, handle caps, and chassis straps, along with new piggyback clip bars on the underside of the head.