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1966 Lowrey T2 Vintage Dual Manual Combo Organ w/ Amp & Pedals, CMI, Gibson G201


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Up for sale, a 1966 Lowrey T2 combo organ in excellent condition, fully serviced and complete with the original matching amplifier/power amp, volume pedal, and one octave bass pedals. As parent company CMI (Chicago Musical Instruments) owned both Gibson and Lowrey in the '60s, the Lowrey T2 is virtually identical to the Gibson-branded G201, and shares significant circuitry with its predecessor the G101.

Unlike the G101, the Lowrey T2 (and Gibson G201) are two manual beasts, with a tonal breadth and range of familiar sounds consistent with much of the Doors' material (Ray Manzarek was quite prolific on a G101), as well as having extensive overlap in circuitry with Lowrey's DSO-1 Heritage Deluxe organ used by the Beatles on Sgt. Pepper's for the sparkling reedy harpsichord tones of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

The tonal options on the T2 are vast, and the controls very user-friendly, with two large banks of tone switches governing the various voicings, bass register, and vibrato. Sustain and Percussion features have their own dedicated smaller banks of maroon tabs on the opposite side of the organ. A perfect middle ground between the reedy attack and nuance of the Vox Continental and the bold, bubbly textures of a Farfisa, the T2 straddles these extremes with aplomb, offering rich layers of transistorized combo organ perfection. With the Sustain and Staccato tabs, some piano and harpsichord-esque tones can be realized, and the multiple vibrato tabs allow for more present, choppy textures or smooth warbling tones. The Percussion feature also operates as it should, activated by a small bulb with a rate set by the corresponding knob, producing more of a tremolo effect layered with the vibrato.

The circuit has been thoroughly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, and all keys are even and respond smoothly. All functions and tabs work as they should, and the knob for the percussion effect is also intact.  The stock handles are present too, along with the metal Lowrey badge and original threaded inserts to secure the flip-out legs and underside compartment.

The amplifier is in many respects a scaled down version of CMI's Sabre Reverb, while also housing the power amp for the T2, connected via a multi-pin umbilical. The amp features its original Jensen C12N ceramic magnet speaker and a side mounted horn, a pairing that faithfully amplifies the broad tonal range of the T2. The solid state amp has been recapped as needed and all transistors are functioning reliably with a low noise floor and strong signal.

Cosmetically, the organ is quite the looker with its original black and orange two-tone covering, very reminiscent of the Vox Continental, yet with a smooth hardwood top finished in a deep walnut. The amp is equally as well-preserved with silver sparkle grillcloth, matching two-tone tolex and the large oval metal Lowrey badge.

This studio-worthy Lowrey offers the essential tones of Gibson's G101 in an expanded two manual design, boasting additional bass pedals and plenty of versatility for a broad range of traditional combo organ textures.