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1966 Harmony Rocket H56 Vintage Electric Guitar w/ Vibrato, DeArmond Gold Foils, Case


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Up for sale, a 1966 Harmony Rocket model H56 in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original chipboard case. One of the nicer variations of the Rocket platform, this upscale model features a chrome Bigsby-esque vibrato tailpiece and a pair of "moustache" DeArmond gold foil pickups. Fully hollow and featherweight at only 6lbs 9oz, this Rocket has a bright and crisp acoustic tone that translates well through the pickups. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with fresh 10-46 strings and comfortable action, this Harmony Rocket is ready for stage and studio use.

There's really nothing that can match the balance, clarity, and overall tonal character of original DeArmond Gold Foil pickups. They have a percussive snap and twang, tight bass, and a harmonically rich midrange that sounds great when each pickup is singled out or when paired together. This pair of gold foils sound great individually, with a particularly full and even tone with both pickups engaged. Each pickup has strong and consistent output across all strings, and when mated with the fully hollow maple body, the tone gets both the immediate attack of the maple and the warmth and fullness of the hollow construction.

The maple neck has a round "baseball bat" C-shaped profile carve with generous shoulder, measuring .930" deep at the 1st fret and .970" at the 10th. The dyed maple fretboard sports bright white binding, pearloid dot inlay, and original slender fretwire. The frets have their full factory height, showing just a touch of wear beneath the plain strings on frets 1-3, and the guitar plays well in every register. The scale length is 24 1/4", and the original nut measures 1 3/4" in width. On the headstock, the silkscreen graphics are practically perfect, and the chrome-plated strip tuners turn smoothly and hold pitch well.

All of the electronics work as they should, with individual Volume and Tone knobs for each pickup and cream cupcake knobs. The plastics include a bright white pickguard with a flawless silkscreened Harmony logo, and the gold text on the cupcake knobs is equally pristine. The dyed maple bridge works in concert with the chrome-plated vibrato unit which responds very smoothly with the original spring, jumping back into tune well and providing a surprising amount of range and nuance. The chrome on the vibrato is near mint too. Visible through the F hole, the 1966 date stamp and H56 model stamp is bold and clean.

Cosmetically, this guitar is in spectacular overall shape, with a vibrant original gloss Red Sunburst nitro lacquer finish. There is some broad finish checking on the edges of the back, with a small spot of faint buckle rash at the waist central to the back, and a few additional scuffs and minor marks on the body as a whole, also mostly relegated to the back. The neck profile gloss is smooth and clean, free of palm wear.

The original chipboard case with gray textured exterior is included. The case has clean stitching and black leatherette trim, with all stock latches present and the original handle.