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1966 Harmony H415 Valco-Made Vintage 2x12 Tube Amp w/ Tremolo & Oxford Speakers, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1966 Harmony H415 2x12” vintage tube amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Produced by Valco (the parent company of brands including Supro, National, and Airline, among others), this vintage Harmony-branded amp is one of Valco's larger two-channel offerings, loaded with a pair of Oxford speakers. For sweet tube saturated overdrive, you simply can't beat these early Valco circuits, and this H415 is no exception, complete with onboard tremolo.

Tonally, this H415 is an ideal blend of sparkling trebles and spongy, warm lower midrange fullness. Breakup starts around 6 on the dial, and diming the amp out delivers a creamy, dirty crunch. The Channel One is slightly fuller-sounding, particularly in the bass register, and Channel Two has a touch more snap and treble shimmer. The second input on Channel Two is the Mic input, offering a more compressed sound that breaks up much quicker for even dirtier, denser tones. The Tremolo has great depth and a wide sweep, ranging from subtle warbles to seasick pulsation.

The point-to-point circuit is extremely original and freshly serviced here at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar, and both original transformers are intact. The Schumacher-made power transformer dates to the 20th week of '66, and the original CTS pots have visible dates from the 21st week of '66. The circuit necessitated just a few new capacitors to ensure optimal functionality, and a modern three-prong power cable has been installed. The tube complement comprises the original pair of Harmony-branded 6BQ5 (EL-84) power tubes, a Raytheon rectifier, and a combination of vintage and modern preamp tubes from the likes of RCA and EH.

The speakers are a pair of Oxford 12J4 ceramic magnet drivers that closely match the originals. These speakers have viable cones and date stamps on the frames from 1962.

Cosmetic touches include black ostrich tolex, a chrome-plated faceplate, checkered grillcloth, and a replacement set of pointer knobs. There are some minor scuffs and marks on the tolex, and a few snags in the grillcloth. The graphics on the faceplate are in excellent shape.