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1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Black Panel AA864 Vintage Tube Amp 2x10 w/ Jensen C10Q


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Up for sale, a 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb in excellent condition and in perfect working order. With good reason, the Vibrolux is one of the most desirable Fender Black Panel models for its ideal size and power, well-suited to both stage and studio applications.

The amp delivers sparkling cut and muscle, and a surprising amount of headroom, cascading into lightly compressed tube overdrive when pushing towards 10 on the Volume dial. Offering 35 tube watts through a vintage Jensen C10Q speaker pair, the Vibrolux is the perfect platform for getting the most out of a variety of guitars and stompboxes. Clean and sweet up til about 5 on the volume knob (with a perceived volume that's loud enough to keep up with an aggressive drummer), the Vibrolux has clear note attack and sweet tube rectifier sag, not to mention lush tube-driven Reverb and percussive Tremolo.

The preamp is extremely original, retaining a full complement of original blue molded Ajax caps, a key ingredient in the sweet, musical character of Fender's Black Panel circuits. All of the transformers are original and date to '66, manufactured by Fender's primary transformer supplier in this era, Schumacher. All but two of the original CTS pots are intact too, with visible date codes from the 26th week of '66. Even the power supply retains all of its original (and still viable) Mallory capacitors. A three-prong power cable has also been installed.

The Jensen C10Q 10" speakers are a vintage matched pair with black frames and foil stickers on the ceramic magnets, dating to the 37th week of '66. The tube chart is mostly intact, with a "PJ" date stamp which translates to October of 1966.

The original smooth black tolex is intact, and the baffle is a modern solid pine replacement (a notable upgrade from the original MDF material), complete with lightly aged silver sparkle grillcloth. The original hardware includes the full complement of witch hat knobs, the raised Fender logo, handle caps, chassis straps, corners, and sphinx glides (feet).