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1966 Fender Mustang, Guitar Bar Custom Black Sparkle w/ Novak Gold Foils, Mastery M1, Case


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Up for sale, a 1966 Fender Mustang in exceptional condition and in perfect working order with a Marty Bell Black Sparkle gloss finish, Mastery M1 bridge, and trio of Curtis Novak boutique pickups. Part of a continuing series of sparkle-finished instruments built on vintage Fender platforms here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this Mustang features the original 1966 body and neck, complete with a vintage Fender hardshell case.

A tonally impressive and resonant instrument due in large part to the inclusion of the Mastery M1 bridge, this Mustang has a lively and dynamic natural response that translates well through the pickup complement. Drawing inspiration from the Harmony catalog guitars of the early 1960s, this Mustang has been fitted with a pair of DeArmond-style "gold foil" pickups in the neck and bridge positions (these particular pickups have silver diamond foil inserts). Wound faithfully to vintage spec by Curtis Novak, these pickups have a percussive, woody cut, sweet treble character and tight, cutting bass, working equally well for sparkling cleans or rich, textured overdrive. This pickup pair is coupled to a four-way switch offering Bridge/Bridge+Neck/Neck/Bridge+Neck in Series functionality, with the 4th switch position being particularly potent. The centrally located Danelectro-style Lipstick pickup is also wound by Novak to match sonically with the Gold Foils, offering a different flavor of sparkle and snap, and functioning as a thickening agent when paired with the other pickups. The Lipstick is engaged via a push/pull Tone pot, and can be run independent of the other pickups as it's wired straight to the jack (turning down the Volume knob will leave only the Lipstick in the circuit). The guitar weighs 7lbs 5oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with fresh 10-46 strings, low action, and accurate intonation.

The maple neck has a round medium C-shaped profile carve with full shoulders in every register and lightly rolled fretboard edges, measuring .845" deep at the 1st fret and .925" at the 12th. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard has been freshly refretted with 6105 fretwire that has ample height and flawless crowns, playing cleanly in every register. This Mustang boasts a full 24" scale, and the neck is straight with a responsive, optimally adjusted truss rod. The nut is a new hand-carved piece of bone measuring 1 9/16" in width. The neck profile and headstock feature the original gloss nitro lacquer finish, topped off with the original Mustang waterslide decal. The tuners are the original set of Fender "F" tuning machines which still turn smoothly and function as intended. On the neck heel, the September, 1966 date stamp is present, and Marty Bell's stamp noting his sparkle finish is in the neck pocket.

The trio of Curtis Novak pickups are linked to a four-way switch and push/pull Tone pot for the Lipstick coil, and the wiring harness features new CTS pots, a Sprague Orange Drop tone capacitor, and Switchcraft 1/4" jack. The body routes were patched with matching wood and professionally re-routed for the current pickups prior to the current finish, with a small post-finish channel added to accommodate exact Lipstick pickup placement. The original bridge has been replaced in favor of the Mastery M1 bridge which works in concert with the stock Pat. Pending vibrato tailpiece which has a very fluid response. A modern Mustang vibrato arm has also been modified at its base to fit the vintage "cigar" that anchors the strings.

The undisputed king of sparkle finishes, Marty Bell finished the body in a high gloss Black Sparkle, accented by a custom cut one-ply Tele-style pickguard. The neck profile and headstock retain the original smooth, ambered nitro lacquer gloss, exhibiting just a few minor marks on the profile length.

A marriage of vintage Fender tonewoods with a unique pickup complement, premium hardware, and a finish that's just plain fun, this Mustang was a passion project for us here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, where we specialize in Fender Offset guitars.

A vintage Fender black tolex hardshell case is included.