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1966 Fender Jaguar Vintage Offset Electric Guitar Sunburst 100% Original w/ Case


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Up for sale, a 1966 Fender Jaguar in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. A well-preserved example, this Jaguar has a bold three-tone Sunburst gloss nitro lacquer finish and is also one of the first to feature pearloid block inlay on the bound rosewood fretboard.

This alder-bodied Jaguar features its original pair of gray bobbin single coils with staggered alnico magnets, very similar in output and design to a Stratocaster pickup, with the notable addition of metal claws that focus the field of the magnets and dampen unwanted hum. The 1Meg pots found in the Jaguar ensure a broader, bolder tonal range than a Strat, with exquisite definition, sparkle, and percussive cut. From spank and snarl in the bridge position to more mellow jangle via the neck position single coil, this Jaguar boasts a switch or knob to surgically tweak the tone to every player's needs. The Rhythm Circuit on the lower body horn offers fatter, darker tones, while the "strangle" switch on the hexagonal Lead Circuit plate yields more tic-tac treble and snap. Weighing 8lbs 2oz and professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this Jaguar has been dialed in with fresh 11-49 strings, low action, and spot-on intonation.

The maple neck has a modestly chunky C-shaped profile carve with generous shoulder in every register, measuring .850" deep at the 1st fret and .950" at the 12th. The rosewood fretboard features cream binding, pearloid block inlay, and original slender fretwire. The frets have been dressed in the guitar’s lifetime, currently only showing a touch of wear on the crowns of frets 1-3. The neck is straight and the truss rod is responsive, necessitating sparingly little adjustment in the past half century, with the truss rod nut flush with the neck heel. The nut has Fender's "B" nut width, measuring 1 5/8". The original "Fender Jaguar" waterslide decal is very clean and completely intact on the headstock face, with a faint tan line of a few additional small letter stickers that were at one time placed just beyond the High E tuner post. The original Fender "F"  tuning machines have clean chrome plating and function as intended. The neck heel is date stamped September, 1966, and the original paint stick markings are intact in the pocket, indicative of an original finish.

All of the electronics function as intended, with untouched solder joints and CTS pots that date to the 31st week of '66. Both gray bobbin pickups feature inked dates on the bobbins from October of '66. The control plates have gleaming chrome plating, with uniform patina across the threaded bridge saddles. The original flip-up string mute still engages as it should, fitted with a fresh piece of foam, and the original chrome bridge cover is included too. The vibrato unit is properly calibrated for everything from subtle shimmies to deep bends, jumping back into tune well and responding to the slightest touch, fitted with the original Fender vibrato arm. Plastics include the original deep red nitrate tortoise pickguard, knobs and pickup covers.

The nitro lacquer three-tone Sunburst finish exhibits very tight horizontal checking across the body. Wear is quite restrained overall, with various nicks in the black of the Sunburst on the back and body perimeter, and a few additional minor marks and a touch of buckle worming on the back. There is one deeper ding of note on the lower bout edge on top as well. The gloss finish on the neck profile is smooth and nigh-flawless.

A modern brown tolex G&G Deluxe hardshell case is included.