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1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb Vintage Tube Amp Black Panel AB763 Circuit w/ Ftsw, 6L6


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Up for sale, a 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a two-button footswitch. Widely considered to be one of the greatest tube amps of all time, this Deluxe Reverb has been thoroughly serviced with an eye towards reliable gig and studio-worthy performance, updated to run on 6L6 power tubes for additional clean headroom and power. Boasting a new MojoTone speaker cabinet, a full complement of Mercury Magnetics Tone Clone transformers, a Sprague Atom recapped power supply, TRS effects loop, and reconed vintage Fender/Oxford speaker, this particular Deluxe bridges the gap in tonal richness and modern functionality between a genuine vintage example and Fender's recent Custom Shop '64 model. Stocked with a matched pair of Groove Tubes 6L6 power tubes, this Deluxe delivers the shimmering, balanced clean tone that has made these amps a mainstay in studios and on stages for decades.

The amp delivers the top end sparkle and clarity characteristic of the best amps from Fender's Black Panel era, a perfect platform for a host of effects pedals. Turning up past 5 on the Volume dial, the amp begins to push into overdrive territory with light compression and plenty of bark and body. The Reverb is lush with long decay, and the Tremolo has a strong pulse with an almost three-dimensional quality to the effect when you increase the intensity.

The circuit boasts Mercury Magnetics Tone Clone transformers, the same high-quality USA-made iron that Fender uses for their highest tier Custom Shop amps. These transformers are extremely reliable and tonally rich, utilizing the same premium materials and techniques that make the originals so revered. The preamp is extremely original with cloth covered leads on the eyelet board, the original set of CTS pots which have visible date codes from the 13th week of '66, and the majority of the blue molded Ajax capacitors, central to the sweet, musical character of the Black Panel amps. The power supply has been professionally recapped with high quality Sprague Atoms, and a three-prong cable has been installed too.

The speaker is a vintage Oxford 12L6 ceramic driver which dates to the 18th week of 1965. The speaker has a clean frame and Fender foil label on the magnet, recently reconed for optimal reliability and life, and broken in enough to not sound stiff.

The cabinet is a brand new vintage reissue courtesy of MojoTone, crafted of solid finger-jointed pine with a 100% void-free baltic birch baffle. This cabinet sounds lively and is a perfect match for the Deluxe Reverb's vintage aesthetics, with smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth, aged in-house here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. The amp retains much of its original hardware including handle caps, chassis straps, and the raised Fender logo on the grill. The original faceplate retains its full set of witch hat knobs, and this amp is the perfect marriage of modern performance and genuine 1960s vintage Fender tonal purity.

A modern two-button Reverb/Vibrato footswitch is included.