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1966 Epiphone Comet EA-32 RVT 1x10 Vintage Tube Amp, Reverb & Tremolo, Time Capsule w/ Hangtag


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Up for sale, a 1966 Epiphone Comet EA-32 RVT 1x10” combo amplifier in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original two-button footswitch and hangtag. Often referred to as the “poor man’s Princeton Reverb," the Comet offers a similar feature set and size as its Fender brethren, yet has a distinctive tonal character all its own, loaded with a pair of 6BQ5 power tubes. A single channel, three-input design, the Comet pushes 12.5 watts through a 10" ceramic magnet CTS speaker. At low volumes, the amp is warm and articulate, with a snappy, percussive cut in the low end, and ample sparkling sweetness on top. When cranked, it has a lovely growl and creamy breakup. The footswitchable Reverb has a long two-spring tank with good splash and dimension, and the Tremolo has a smooth pulse. The circuit features a virtually untouched preamp with original CentraLab pots which have visible date codes from the 23rd week of '65. All of the original transformers are intact, with date codes spanning late 1965 and early '66. The power supply has also been professionally recapped with F&Ts. The tube complement is ostensibly all original to the amp, including a pair of RCA 6BQ5 power tubes, with a preamp complement of two RCA 6EU7s and one 12AU7. The cabinet is loaded with the stock CTS ceramic magnet 10” speaker, Time capsule-clean cosmetically, the amp features its original smooth gray tolex, wheat grillcloth with subtle sparkle in the thread, and a flawless faceplate with bold graphics and the full complement of gray witch hat knobs. There are just a couple faint scuffs on the enclosure. The original hangtag is included, as is the hard-wired two-button footswitch to engage the Reverb and Tremolo. A fitted slip cover is also included.