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1966 Ampeg GS-12R Reverberocket 2 Vintage Amp 1x12 w/ Reverb & Tremolo, Footswitch


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Up for sale, a 1966 Ampeg GS-12R Reverberocket 2 tube amp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This early USA-made Ampeg tube combo has been freshly serviced and is extremely original, boasting the original footswitch, stock transformers, and blue diamond tolex. This Ampeg delivers sweet, detailed tube tone courtesy of a dual 7591 output section, offering both round, detailed cleans and muscley overdrive. The amp features an LDR-based Tremolo circuit with dedicated Speed and Intensity knobs, as well as Reverb, driving a long two-spring tank for plenty of splash and dimension.

The circuit is extremely original, and the eyelet board retains many of the original capacitors, with a few modern high-quality tubular substitutions to ensure proper functionality. The power supply has also been professionally recapped with F&T filter caps. The original CTS pots have visible date codes from the 23rd week of '66, and the original transformer pair (manufactured by Electrical Windings) also have 1966 dates. The faceplate is stunningly clean, with gleaming chrome and nigh flawless white silkscreened text, along with a full complement of round pointer knobs. The amp is loaded with a pair of matched JJ 7591 power tubes, with all vintage (ostensibly original) valves in the preamp

The speaker is a vintage ceramic magnet 12" driver manufactured by Magnavox and featuring a modern speaker cone, easily handling the wattage of the Reverberocket circuit with a full bass register and smooth, detailed sound. The original tube chart is intact inside the cab, along with the schematic. The original blue diamond tolex is exceedingly well-kept with just a tiny bit of corner wear and some modest scuffing on the bottom of the enclosure. The silver sparkle grillcloth is in great shape, and a modern leather handle tops things off.

The original two button "Vibrato/Echo" (Tremolo/Reverb) footswitch is included, along with a black slip cover.