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1965 Vox AC50/4 Mk II Big Box Vintage Tube Amp Head Gray Panel JMI UK, AC50


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Up for sale, a 1965 Vox AC50/4 Mk II "Big Box" vintage tube amp head in perfect working order, freshly serviced with an extremely original circuit. This UK-made JMI AC50 Mk II expands on the Mk I with a second set of inputs and second channel. The big box version of the AC50 is a real powerhouse, and the dual EL34 design has plenty of British sizzle and chime, with big, bold overdrive when you dime it out, and a tight, punchy low end thanks to the diode rectification. The amp pairs exceedingly well with your favorite Rickenbacker or Gretsch Tennessean (not to mention all manner of Gibsons) for iconic British Invasion-worthy tonalities.

The circuit is extremely original and freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. All of the original transformers are intact, along with all of the original pots, and a preamp that retains virtually all of the original signal caps and resistors. A few new small Sprague electrolytic caps have been installed, along with two larger F&T capacitors in the power supply to ensure optimal functionality. The tube complement includes a brand new pair of Electro Harmonix EL34 power tubes as well as a combination of new and vintage preamp tubes from the likes of RCA and Tesla.

The head cabinet retains the original black basketweave tolex paired with the original brown lattice diamond grillcloth and gold piping. The pack panel features dual multi-pin jacks and 8/16 ohm functionality, and adaptor cabling is included to convert the outputs to conventional 1/4" jacks. The blue/gray faceplate retains all of the original chicken head knobs, and other small yet meaningful original parts include the original plastic handle, raised Vox logo, one-pin corners, and model/serial number badge on the back.