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1965 Supro Vibra-Verb 6498 VR Vintage Tube Amp 2x12 w/ Vibrato & Jensen C12PS, RCA Tube Set


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Up for sale, a 1965 Supro Vibra-Verb model 6498 VR 2x12 vintage tube amp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the full original RCA tube set. The top of the line Supro combo in this era, the Vibra-Verb 6498 VR has "genuine vibrato," as its faceplate text purports, along with built-in Reverb. Produced by Valco in Chicago, USA, this Supro has an extremely original circuit, benefitting from a fresh check-up by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar.

Powered by a pair of original RCA 6L6GC power tubes, the Vibra-Verb delivers a sparkling clean tone that cascades into saturated, harmonic-rich overdrive at higher volumes. Supro's '60s circuits have an extremely musical, dynamic sound, and this Vibra-Verb is no exception, with a two channel design that offers dedicated Volume and Tone controls for each channel (the Vibrato and Reverb effects are dedicated to Channel 2). The vibrato has a thick, watery warble, and the Reverb has a trashy, splashy quality indicative of the small Gibbs tanks used in these circuits.

The circuit is extremely original with tag board construction and original CTS pots that date to the 10th week of '65. The original transformers were manufactured by Triwec, with a power transformer that dates to the 17th week of '65 and an output transformer that dates to the 43rd week. The tube set includes all of the original RCA-branded valves. Both Jensen C12PS speakers sound great with clean black frames and gold foil labels on the ceramic magnets. Date codes on the edges of the frames are from the 33rd week of '65. A modern three-prong power cable has been installed.

Cosmetically, this amp is an absolute stunner, with a nigh flawless chrome-plated chassis that retains its pristine silkscreen text and all of the original knobs. The textured bluish gray covering on the cabinet is clean as can be, and the silver sparkle grillcloth is equally pristine with the raised plastic Supro logo intact. The large chrome-plated handle tops things off, and the back panel has been replaced with a sheet of metal, cleanly cut to size.