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1965 Silvertone Twin Twelve 1484 Vintage Danelectro Tube Amp 2x12 w/ Jensen C12Q Speakers


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Up for sale, a 1965 Silvertone model 1484 "Twin Twelve" piggyback tube amplifier in excellent condition, freshly serviced and retaining the original pair of Jensen C12Q speakers. Manufactured by Danelectro in the USA and marketed through Sears via their house brand "Silvertone," the 1484 was one of the top-tier department store amps of its day, and also an amp that has found favor with today's players including Jack White and Beck.

The 1484 "Twin Twelve" has an extremely smooth and rich breakup, with warm clean tones at low volumes that give way to a touch of tube overdrive at roughly half volume, and reach full tube saturation with a touch of compression anywhere beyond 7 on the dial. Both channels feature a pair of inputs (high and low) and both channels share the built-in Reverb and Tremolo effects. While the Tremolo has a nice strong pulse that gets quite thick and deep, the Reverb is infamous in its own right for its thin, trashy sound that's perfect for lo-fi and surf tunes, with a unique gain structure and chiming top end character.

The circuit has been serviced with new signal caps as needed, and the power supply has been rebuilt with all new electrolytics as well, with a modern three-prong power cable installed as well as a conventional 1/4" female jack on the head for ease of use with other cabinets. The original transformers are intact, along with the stock CTS pots which date to the 8th week of 1965. The speakers are the original pair of Jensen C12Q ceramic magnet drivers with extremely clean frames and date stamps from the 44th week of '65. The tube complement includes a brand new pair of matched and properly biased JJ 6L6s, with a bevy of vintage tubes in the preamp. All of the original barrel knobs are intact on the polished aluminum faceplate, which also retains all of the original black silkscreen text.

The head and cabinet retain their original gray textured covering and gold sparkle grillcloth, with only modest wear on the enclosure edges. This amp is gig-ready and fully serviced for optimal performance and longevity.