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1965 Silvertone 1457 Vintage Amp-in-Case Guitar & Tube Amp Set, Danelectro USA


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Up for sale, a 1965 Silvertone model 1457 "Amp-in-Case" electric guitar with original tube amplifier built into the case. Manufactured in the USA by Danelectro for the Sears exclusive "Silvertone" line of instruments, this guitar sports a Red Sunburst sparkle finish over Dano's classic hollow Masonite and poplar body with a pair of "lipstick" single coil pickups. Available only from late 1964-1966, the 1457 had a fairly brief production window, and in tone and feel, this instrument is arguably a substantial upgrade over the 1448 amp-in-case model. The most notable improvements are a longer, more traditional 24 3/4" scale length, and an additional pickup for significantly more tonal breadth. This guitar has a particularly cool hollow twang, with chiming top end and focused bass response. The pickups have all the jangle, sparkle, and twang you'd expect from a vintage Danelectro. Weighing only 6lbs 5oz (without the amp), the guitar has been professionally setup here at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar with comfortable action and 10-46 strings.

The Danelectro-made Silvertone guitars have been seen in the hands of artists such as Beck and the Rolling Stones, and in addition to being fun to play, they're a great secret weapon for studio use. Outfitted with the original tube set, the amp fires up just as well as the day it left the factory, with a low noise floor and great class A tube tone.

The neck has a modestly chunky C profile carve with full shoulders and lightly rolled fretboard edges, measuring .860” deep at both the 1st fret and 12th frets. On the Brazilian rosewood slab fretboard, the original medium jumbo frets show moderate wear beneath the plain strings on frets 1-4, with fainter wear extending to fret 6. The nut measures 1 11/16” in width, made of aluminum and further accentuating the top end sparkle and snap of the pickups. The stock Skate Key tuning machines turn smoothly and hold pitch well and the face of the headstock retains the "Silvertone" script silkscreen with some light scuffing across the logo.

On the body, the electronics are untouched save for a replacement three-way pickup selector toggle, with the pots still surrounded by the original copper shielding tape and date codes from '65. Hardware includes the chrome-plated bridge and Brazilian rosewood saddle, and the stock pickguard and stacked volume/tone knobs are present as well and bright white. The Red Sunburst sparkle finish is very clean on the top of the instrument with a great concentration of sparkles, and the white textured tape framing the sides of the instrument is still very white. There is one glued-in chip on the bass-side lower bout on the back, and some ill-advised letters scratched on the back as well.

The amplifier case is in good overall shape, with original wicker grillcloth, upgraded 8" ceramic magnet speaker, and a control panel that retains the original knobs and vibrant silkscreen graphics. The Silvertone-branded tube complement is entirely original, with a 6V6 power tube and 6X4 rectifier, as well as two ECC83 valves. The dark gray sparkle case retains the original hinges and handle, and is structurally sound. There is some edge wear on the case corners, but nothing structural. The amp has a nice barking tone with a tremolo that delivers a strong chop, pairing ideally with the tonal range of the lipstick pickups.