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1965 Sano Supersonic High Fidelity Amplifier 1x15 Combo w/ Vintage Tube Set


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Up for sale, a 1965 Sano Supersonic High Fidelity Amplifier in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original matching Sylvania-branded tube set. Manufactured in New Jersey during the golden age of rock and roll, Sano is a hidden gem of vintage amp manufacturing. With ties to both Ampeg and Hilgen, Sano began as an accordion pickup/amplifier company before expanding into the burgeoning guitar/bass market.

The amp pushes 30 watts via a pair of 8417 power tubes and a 15" Utah-branded speaker. The tonal profile is quite clean-sounding, even with the volume dialed up, with a warm midrange and plenty of harmonic richness. The trebles are bell-like and pristine, and the Tremolo has great depth. The Tremolo was designed to work on one of the two channels, and is accessible via the stereo input. There are Master Volume, Bass and Treble Knobs, with independent Bass and Treble EQ controls for the Stereo input, and the two channels (Guitar and Instrument) both have independent Volume controls. The Tremolo has dedicated Speed and Depth controls.

The extremely clean point-to-point circuit has been serviced by our team here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, virtually untouched with just a couple modern capacitors. The original particularly robust transformers are present, and the CTS and Clarostat pots date to ‘65. The cabinet is loaded with a Utah G15R 15” speaker; the speaker has the original cone, and there’s a smoothness to the sound, with a blend of fullness and articulation, plus a creamy edge-of-breakup quality when the speaker is really pushed hard. The complete original tube complement includes a matched pair of Sylvania 8417 power tubes, a 5U4 rectifier, and a pair of 12AU7s.

Cosmetic touches include black tolex and silver grillcloth framed by white piping and accented by a raised Sano badge. This amp is in great shape, with just some light wear and tear on the edges and at the corners of the cabinet. The original knobs are all present, and the faceplate graphics are pristine.