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1965 Magnatone Custom M10A Vintage Tube Amp 1x12 w/ True Pitch Vibrato & Reverb, Estey


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Up for sale, a 1965 Magnatone Custom M10A in excellent condition and in good working order. This Magnatone/Estey amp was produced only from mid 1965-67, and features the quintessential Magnatone sound and true pitch vibrato. Unlike the M10 model produced earlier in the decade which was more accordion-centric with an 8" speaker, the M10A was engineered for use with a guitar, boasting a larger 12" driver. Featuring original silver sparkle grillcloth and polished aluminum accents, the M10A is a real looker with a Magnatone "M" that lights up on the top of the amp when in operation.

This two channel amp delivers a dynamic and warm clean tone that quickly saturates into smooth tube overdrive as you turn up the Volume dial. The original Accutronics two-spring reverb tank delivers plenty of splash and smooth decay, and the four varistor vibrato is the same design used in earlier top-tier Magnatone models like the 480. The M10A is rated at roughly 25 watts with a pair of properly biased General Electric 7189A power tubes.

This M10A is a particularly clean example, with the short-lived yet very sturdy wood reinforced plastic cabinet.  The steel chassis for the preamp is connected to the overbuilt amp handle, and the preamp is very tech friendly, point-to-point wired and accessible by removing only two bolts on either side of the chassis. The circuit is very original, with stock Stackpole pots that date to the 30th week of '65, and a number of new Mallory tubular caps (in addition to a few original blue Ajax capacitors) to ensure reliable, factory-spec operation. The original transformers are intact, and the amp features a combination of newer and vintage preamp tubes along with a matched pair of General Electric 7189A power tubes (same pin out and similar tonal characteristics to an EL84, but able to generate higher plate voltages).

The faceplate retains all but one of the original knobs, with clean black silkscreened text and only a few minor marks on the aluminum. The silver sparkle grillcloth has plenty of shine, and the molded plastic enclosure is structurally sound, retaining the light-up M10 badge and additional Magnatone/Estey badge on the grill. This amp has been well cared for over the past 50+ years.