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1965 Kay Vanguard 700 Vintage Guitar Amp Transistor 1x8, Serviced & USA-Made


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Up for sale, a 1965 Kay Vanguard 700 vintage USA-made guitar amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Recently serviced, this amp is transistor based with a 8" ceramic magnet speaker. Overall a fairly dark sounding amp with a relatively low top volume, this is a great studio secret weapon. The Vanguard 700 offers surprisingly gritty overdrive characteristics given its transistor-based design, and it's simply a ton of fun and a Guitar Bar staff favorite. Each input is distinct: Bass/Rhythm, Normal, and Treble (darkest to brightest), and while the Tone control does have a noticeable sweep, the sound never gets brittle or harsh.

The point-to-point circuit features new electrolytic caps as needed, and the cabinet has been fitted with a modern 8" ceramic magnet speaker. The two-tone aesthetics are clean, and the original multi-colored grillcloth is also intact. The faceplate has clean graphics, and the original knob pair is intact.

The amp comes complete with the original instructions, schematic, and Guarantee hangtag.