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1965 Gibson GA-79RVT Vintage Stereo Tube Amp 2x10 w/ Vintage Tube Set, Cover, Footswitch


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Up for sale, a 1965 Gibson GA-79 RVT in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order, clean and complete right down to a complete vintage tube set, chock full of RCA and GE valves. The GA-79RVT is one of Gibson's most celebrated designs, with Groove Tubes founder and guitar amp guru Aspen Pittman declaring it one of his favorite all time circuits.

A true stereo affair, the GA-79RVT features a V front cabinet with two 20 watt channels pushing individual 10" heavy duty ceramic magnet speakers. The quad of 6BQ5 (EL84) power tubes deliver a healthy 40 watts of all tube power when run in mono, and these tubes have a crystalline top end and heavenly overdrive, delivering a distinctly Vox-esque sizzle and roar when diming out the circuit. The cleans are snappy and clear too, with appropriate headroom before the circuit cascades into touch-sensitive bite and crunch. Exclusive to Channel 1, the tube-driven Reverb is lush and splashy and the tremolo has a powerful cut and throb. Given the stereo operation, the GA-79RVT also offers the unique opportunity to mix the effected signal of Channel 1 with the dry signal of Channel 2, all with a distinctive cabinet design that fills a room with dimensional tube tone.

The circuit has been freshly and professionally serviced, with original transformers and a recap of the power supply with F&T capacitors. The tidy tag board circuit features a bevy of original carbon comp resistors and a full complement of CentraLab pots that date to the 5th week of '65. Numerous high quality Sprague Orange Drop capacitors and smaller electrolytics have been installed in the preamp to ensure optimal performance. The tube complement includes ostensibly original RCA-branded 6BQ5 power tube pairs, with a bevy of additional RCA and General Electric valves in the preamp.

The chrome-plated faceplate has plenty of shine, with all of the original black silkscreen text intact as well as all of the knobs. The original vertically mounted reverb tank dates to the 12th week of '65, and the stock CTS speaker pair is intact as well. These speakers feature very clean white/silver frames, original cones, and date stamps from the 15th week of '65 on the extremely robust ceramic magnets. The original footswitch is included too and hard-wired, allowing easy activation of the Reverb and Tremolo, and fitting in its original metal bracket for transport central to the lower back panel.

The original textured dark gray tolex and wheat grillcloth are clean as can be, and particularly notable, the entire original plastic Gibson badge is intact central to the face of the amp (a true rarity).

The original form-fit vinyl slip cover is included.