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1965 Fender Vibro Champ Vintage Black Panel Tube Amp 1x8, Class A w/ RCA & Mullard Tubes


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Vibro Champ in exceptional condition and in perfect working order with a complete vintage tube set from the likes of RCA and Mullard. This early Black Panel-era Fender wonder delivers five watts of pure Class A tube tone. A surprisingly loud amp via its alnico magnet 8" speaker, the Vibro Champ offers warm, dynamic cleans before pushing into smooth, lightly compressed tube overdrive as you turn up the Volume dial. Responsive to your picking dynamics, and absolutely huge sounding when you put a microphone in front of it, it's hard to beat the Vibro Champ for pure simplicity and great tone. And of course, Fender's lush sounding tremolo circuit has a strong pulse and wide range of speeds, perfect for subtle shifts in volume or machine gun chop.

The circuit is 100% original and recently given a check-up by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar to ensure optimal functionality. The Schumacher-made transformers date to the 30th week of '65 (power) and 13th week of 1965 (output), and visible codes on the CTS pots date to the 15th week of '65. The tube chart is fully intact with an "OJ" stamp which translates to October of 1965. The all-vintage (and likely original) tube complement includes an RCA-branded 5Y3 rectifier and matched 6V6 power tube, with a pair of matching Mullard preamp tubes. The vintage correct alnico magnet Fender-branded and Oxford-made 8" speaker has been freshly reconed and sounds great.

The original smooth black tolex is intact, and the original baffle has been freshly regrilled with aged silver sparkle grillcloth. The faceplate is very well-kept, complete with its full complement of witch hat knobs. The stock handle caps, sphinx glides (feet), raised Fender logo, and chassis straps are all intact, and the hardware shows only light surface patina. This Vibro Champ is an ideal example of Black Panel tone that's sure to delight both discerning collectors and serious players.