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1965 Fender Stringmaster T8 3-Neck Vintage Console Lap Steel, 100% Original w/ Case


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Stringmaster T8 3-neck vintage console steel in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original telescoping legs and hardshell case. This Stringmaster features a trio of 22 1/2“ scale 8-string necks and sports a Walnut gloss nitro lacquer finish, denoted in the Fender catalog simply as the “Dark” finish option.

This Stringmaster has an extremely sweet, articulate, and dynamic sound. The trebles have a harmonically complex sparkle, twang and percussive cut, while the low strings have a rich, focused character. A three-way blade switch with top hat tip toggles between the necks, and a separate two-way toggle engages all three necks at once (bypassing the three-way switch). Additional dedicated Balance pots beneath the "ashtray" bridge covers control the blend between the pickup pair on each neck.

The trio of fretboards have rectangle position markers, and are largely very clean save for light wear on the treble edge of the highest neck. String spacing at the nut measures just a hair shy of 2 1/5” in width. The chrome-plated hardware is all notably clean, including the tuning machine trays on the pegheads; ashtray covers; control plate; and flat-topped knurled knobs.

The electronics all function as intended, with untouched solder joints and pots produced by both Stackpole and CTS, with date codes spanning the 51st week of 1963 to the 18th week of 1965. As a model produced during the transition from black to gray bobbins, both are present in this Stringmaster, with hand-dated pickup bobbins reading 2-9-1965 (both black and gray).

The nitro lacquer gloss finish retains the large Pre-CBS Fender "spaghetti" waterslide decal, with extensive lacquer checking across the top in-between the necks, and various minor dings on the body as a whole. Additionally, there are small areas of finish texturing in the clear coat on the body edges from extended contact with the case lining.

The original black tolex hardshell case is included; with an orange plush interior, all-original functioning latches and handle, and a separate compartment for storing the original chrome-plated telescoping legs.