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1965 Fender Mustang Vintage Offset Electric Guitar Daphne Blue w/ Case


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Mustang in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original hardshell case. 100% original save for an upgraded carved bone nut, this Mustang is an early example of the model, retaining its original Daphne Blue nitro lacquer finish and featuring Kluson Deluxe double line tuners and an L-prefix neck plate.

This vintage Mustang has a clear, smooth acoustic voice that translates well through the stock gray bobbin pickups with great jangle and clarity. Since the pickups are essentially flat pole Stratocaster pickups with covers over the magnets, the tones are surprisingly similar, although the Mustang has the added benefit of a pair of three-way on/off/on pickup switches for a very cool out-of-phase hollow twang and quack when the switches are engaged in their innermost or outermost positions. Weighing 7lbs 9oz and professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with a fresh set of 11-49 roundwound strings and low action, this Mustang is a lively and vital-sounding vintage Fender.

The maple neck has a fast yet substantial-feeling C shaped profile carve with full shoulders and a notable increase in heft up the fretboard, measuring .830" deep at the 1st fret and .985" at the 12th. The guitar has the full 24" Mustang scale, 1 1/2" nut width, and 7 1/4" fretboard radius. On the dark, tight-grained Brazilian rosewood board, the original slender frets are intact, dressed in the guitar's lifetime with good meat remaining, and currently showing no wear. The guitar plays cleanly in every register, the neck is straight, and the truss rod is responsive and optimally adjusted. On the headstock, the Mustang decal is intact on the face, and the original Kluson Deluxe double line tuners work smoothly and hold pitch well with yellowed buttons. The neck heel retains a bold August, 1965 date stamp, along with the "paint stick" markings in the neck pocket indicative of an original finish.

The electronics all function as intended, the solder joints are untouched, and the CTS pots date to the 18th week of '65. The pickups are both hand-dated on the gray bobbins too, reading 10-12-65 and 10-13-65. The original hardware is all present including the L-prefix serialized four-bolt neck plate, bridge with barrel saddles, and vibrato unit. This vibrato has excellent tension and actuates smoothly, jumping back to the original pitch with ease and complete with the original arm. The original plastic parts include the pair of pointer nobs and white pearloid pickguard which is well-preserved with no shrinkage.

The Daphne Blue gloss nitro lacquer finish is 100% original with no touch-up or overspray, and this example has an interesting finish composition, with white and black undercoats and subtle greening of the clear coat. Cosmetic wear includes buckle rash central to the back, and various nicks and finish chips, largely concentrated on the body perimeter. The neck profile retains its extremely smooth ambered gloss on the profile length.

The original hardshell case with gray textured exterior is included. The case has clean black leather ends, two functional outer latches, the original handle, and even the small neck strap.