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1965 Fender Jazzmaster Vintage Electric Guitar Candy Apple Red Time Capsule-Clean w/ Case


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Jazzmaster in time capsule-clean, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original hardshell case. A custom color example finished in a dark Candy Apple Red nitro lacquer gloss, this is the most spectacularly minty vintage Jazzmaster we've ever offered for sale here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar.

The gray bobbin pickups deliver equal parts dynamic treble detail and smooth warmth, with the clarity and cut of your favorite Fender single coil, yet providing a tonal breadth that's unique to the Jazzmaster pickup design, with the original pickup windings extending all the way to the very edge of the bobbins. Whether you desire the sinewy snap and sparkle of early surf recordings or the aggressive note attack of your favorite Elvis Costello or Sonic Youth records, it's hard to beat a genuine vintage Jazzmaster. This alder-bodied Fender balances well on a strap and weighs 8lbs 7oz. Professionally setup and dialed in to perfection here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar (where we specialize in Offset Fender guitars), this Jazzmaster features fresh 11-49 roundwound strings, low action, and accurate intonation.

The one-piece maple neck has a very unique and full-feeling C-shaped neck profile carve only seen from 1965-66 with ample roundness and shoulder at the nut, gaining only fractional additional depth as you travel up the fingerboard, measuring .880" deep at the 1st fret and .890" at the 12th. The bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard is a dark cut of this hallowed tonewood, with practically perfect original frets that retain their full factory height and well-rounded crowns, showing only a hint of wear beneath the plain strings on frets 1-3. The fretboard has a 7 1/4" radius, and the nut measures 1 5/8" in width. On the headstock, the Kluson Deluxe double line tuning machines are intact and turn smoothly. The matching Candy Apple Red peghead features the original transitional Jazzmaster logo, and the September, 1965 date stamp is clean and bold on the neck heel. The original "paint stick" markings for the custom color finish are visible in the neck pocket, and "Dale" is also written in the pocket, presumably an unusual factory marking of some sort.

On the body, all of the electronics work as they should, with untouched solder joints and Stackpole pots which date to the 30th week of '65. The gray bobbin pickups have their original windings, and the bridge pickup is pencil dated 12-29-65 along with an "AY" marking for Abigail Ybarra, the famed pickup winder who had a 50 year career at Fender. All of the brass shielding tubs are intact, and the original routes are unaltered. The chrome-plated hardware is positively gleaming, and the vibrato tailpiece works exceptionally well and responds to the lightest touch for quick flutters, surfy warbles and deep dives, jumping back to the original pitch with ease and complete with the original arm. The bridge even retains its chrome cover. The early white pickguard has a wide edge bevel and shows zero shrinkage, stunningly clean and bright in its presentation, along with equally well-preserved pickup covers and witch hat knobs.

The Candy Apple Red nitro lacquer gloss is 100% original and absolutely jaw-dropping, shining like new with a mirrored sheen. Cosmetic wear is limited to one small scuff central to the back, some exceedingly faint finish scratches in the clear coat of the gloss on the back, and a couple shallow dings on the lower bout, also on the back. There are just a couple spots of extremely faint isolated lacquer checking adjacent to the vibrato on the treble side, and on the back at the edge of the treble-side cutaway. The nitro gloss on the neck profile is flawless.

The original black tolex no-logo hardshell case is included and equally as well-kept as the guitar, retaining its original trio of latches, functional handle, and black leather ends.