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1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Vintage Tube Amp Blackface Pre-CBS FEIC AB763 Circuit w/ Footswitch


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original two-button footswitch. Widely considered to be one of the greatest tube amps of all time, this Deluxe Reverb was made very early in the second full year of production for this model, with a "Fender Electric Instruments" faceplate, no logo grill, and date codes firmly placing this amp at the very tail end of the Pre-CBS era. Stocked with a matched pair of fresh Tung Sol 6V6 power tubes, this Deluxe delivers the shimmering, balanced clean tone that has made these amps a mainstay in studios and on stages for decades. The amp has a sweet, balanced sound that delivers the top end sparkle and clarity characteristic of the best amps from Fender's Blackface era. This amp is very dynamic, working as a perfect platform for effects pedals and while the treble response can twang with the best, there's a smoothness to the top end that keeps the amp from ever sounding harsh. Turning it up past 4 on the volume dial, the amp begins to push into overdrive territory with light compression and plenty of sizzle. The Reverb is lush with long decay and the Tremolo has a strong pulse with an almost three dimensional quality to the effect when you increase the intensity. The circuit retains all of the original Schumacher-made transformers (Fender's primary transformer supplier in the Blackface era) with date codes from mid-1964. All but one of the original CTS pots are intact, also with visible date codes from '64. The preamp features a host of modern Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, with smaller Sprague electrolytic caps and low-noise metal film resistors throughout. The power supply has been professionally recapped with high quality Sprague Atoms, and a three-prong cable has been installed too. The speaker is a vintage Jensen C12R ceramic driver which dates to the 18th week of 1963, factory spec for this model yet a more recent substitution. The speaker has a clean frame and small Jensen foil label on the magnet. The original tube chart is intact inside the cabinet, with the "Fender Electric Instrument Co" text matching the faceplate, retaining an "OB" date stamp which translates to February of 1965. Cosmetically, the amp is complete with the original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth. The original grillcloth shows only light, uniform aging on the no-logo baffle, an early feature which only lasted through the first few months of '65. The original faceplate is quite clean and retains a full compliment of witch hat knobs, and the all-important Pre-CBS "Fender Electric Inst. Co." text is present on the faceplate. The tolex shows only some requisite stray nicks and minor edge wear, and all of the original hardware including the handle caps, chassis straps, and sphinx glides (feet) is present. The original two-button Reverb/Vibrato footswitch is included.