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1965 Fender Bandmaster Vintage Black Panel Piggyback Tube Amp 2x12 w/ Oxford 12L6, FEIC


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Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Bandmaster in collector-grade condition and in good working order. Stunningly well-kept and an early Black Panel example that retains the "Fender Electric Instrument Co." faceplate text of the Pre-CBS era of production. The amp also boasts its original matched pair of Oxford 12L6 12" ceramic magnet speakers and a complete vintage tube complement, with all valves produced by GE and RCA.

This 40 watt Black Panel Fender powerhouse has the rich, balanced cleans and smooth tube overdrive at high volumes that you expect from a vintage Fender from this era. The cleans are warm and articulate, with Fender's sparkly top end and the ability to dial in just the right amount of grit and light tube compression.

The circuit is 100% original save for a new bias cap sleeved in the original Minimite wrapper, as well as a modern three-prong power cable. The preamp retains all of the famed blue molded Ajax tone caps, essential to the sweet, musical sound of the Black Panel circuits, and the original Schumacher-made transformers all date to 1965. Visible date codes on the Stackpole pots are from the 15th week of '65, and the crisp and clean tube chart rounds out the applicable dates with an "OG" stamp that translates to July of 1965. Even the original power supply caps are intact and still viable. The tube complement includes a pair of matched and properly biased General Electric 6L6GC power tubes, with RCA and GE-branded valves in the preamp, all functioning as intended.

The cabinet is stocked with the original pair of Oxford-made 12L6 12" speakers with clean black frames and blue Fender foil stickers on the magnets. The date codes on the edges of the frames are from the 43rd week of '65.

The head and speaker cabinet both retain their original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth, and the tolex and cloth are very well-preserved with only minimal wear. Both the head and cabinet retain their original raised "Fender" logos, and the hardware includes original nickel corners, handle caps, sphinx glides (feet), chassis straps, and chrome tilt-back legs.

A remarkable and complete Black Panel Fender, the Bandmaster truly delivers on the promise of the AB763 circuit, with incredible cleans, smooth overdrive and strong tremolo!