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1964 Wurlitzer 145B Vintage Electric Piano Tube-Driven, Collector-Grade & Serviced w/ Legs & Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1964 Wurlitzer model 145B in near mint, collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. An exceedingly clean example of one of Wurlitzer's rarest models, this 145B has been fully serviced by Synapse Audio ensuring optimal function of the amplifier and proper regulation and tuning. Arguably the pinnacle of Wurlitzer design, the 145 features an action assembly very similar to the 200 series yet with a point-to-point wired tube amp for a particularly lush and dynamic sound (as opposed to the solid state amps used in other 140 and 200 series pianos). For a warmth, grit, and bell-like tone similar to the 200 series but with a bit more character and tube-driven drive, the 145 is truly a "best of both worlds" scenario for players seeking both cleans and tastefully overdriven electric piano tones. Topping things off, the 145 model is the only tube-driven Wurlitzer model to feature on-board tremolo.

The amp is driven by a pair of 7868 power tubes with a 6CA4 rectifier and unique 6K11 triple triode preamp tube (one triode for gain, one triode for the phase inverter, and one triode for the tremolo). The point-to-point circuit has been serviced as needed to ensure a low noise floor and optimal functionality, retaining the original transformers made by Better Coil & Transformer, both of which date to 1964. The power cable receptacle has been upgraded to a modern three-prong IEC, and the piano has both 1/4" and RCA phono output jacks. Controls include Volume and Vibrato (strictly a volume-modulated tremolo effect), and the original alnico magnet 6x9 oval speaker is functioning as it should.

The keys are level, the action has been regulated, and the original damper felts and hammer tips are in remarkable shape. The action is smooth and consistent in all registers, with bright white key caps and key bushings that have no excessive side to side wiggle and are responsive to a light touch.

The piano is absolutely stunning in its presentation, retaining the original tapered legs with brass fittings, along with the original sustain pedal and music stand. The Wurlitzer waterslide decal is nigh flawless, and the original knob pair is intact. There are only a few minor scuffs on the exterior, mostly relegated to the bottom of the enclosure.