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1964 Fender Princeton Non-Reverb Vintage Blackface Pre-CBS Tube Amp Near Mint


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Up for sale, a 1964 Fender Princeton in stunning, collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. A first-year example from Production Run #1, this vintage Blackface Fender is a true Pre-CBS era Fender gem featuring the early no-logo cabinet design and "Fender Electric Instruments" faceplate. Unlike its brother the Princeton Reverb, this non-reverb Princeton has much more clean headroom, as the lack of the reverb effect introduces less gain into the circuit, allowing the amp to be clearer and punchier, with a sound that has sparkle and chime indicative of the Blackface line and perfect for recording situations. The controls are simple and intuitive, and the bias-based tremolo circuit has a nice even pulse with a wide range of available speeds.

The preamp is extremely original, and the famed blue molded Ajax tone caps are intact, instrumental in creating the sweet, musical character of Fender's Blackface circuits. The original Schumacher-made output and power transformers date to 1964, and visible codes on the original Stackpole pots date to the 40th week of '64. The power supply has been professionally recapped with high quality F&Ts, retaining the original large can cap on the exterior of the chassis. A three-prong cable has also been installed, and the original two-prong is included too. The tubes consist of a matched pair of brand new JJ 6V6 power tubes, with the original Mullard GZ34 rectifier and an RCA-branded 12AX7 in the preamp. The tube chart is clean and unfaded with crisp corners and an "NL" date stamp that translates to December of '64. Typically the tube chart date is the latest on any Fender, which is true in this instance as well.

The speaker is the original Oxford 10J4 10" ceramic driver with a clean black frame and date code from the 40th week of '64. The speaker is wired to the original harness with the flat metal cap seen on the earliest Blackface speaker jacks. The nickel hardware on the amp is completely original and the faceplate is stunning and nigh flawless, with stock witch hat knobs that shine like new. The stock black tolex and silver sparkle grill are near mint, and the grillcloth is completely unaged.