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1964 Fender Jaguar Vintage Offset Electric Guitar Sunburst 100% Original w/ Case


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Up for sale, a 1964 Fender Jaguar in 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original blonde tolex hardshell case. A lovingly played example, this Jaguar features original black bobbin pickups and untouched electronics. Weighing 8lbs 4oz, this moderate weight Jaguar has a focused attack and a lively natural acoustic quality. Made in the last year of Pre-CBS Fender production, this Jaguar retains the clay dot inlay, single line Kluson Deluxe tuners, unbound Brazilian rosewood fretboard, and L prefix serial number consistent with this model year. Tonally, the Jaguar features original black bobbin single coils with staggered alnico magnets which are very similar in output and design to a Stratocaster pickup, with the notable addition of the metal claws that focus the field of the magnets and dampen a bit of the usual single coil hum. Matched with 1Meg pots, the Jaguar has a very open tonal quality and a fullness and brash rhythm tone that you simply can't coax out of any other Fender. From spank and snarl in the bridge position to more mellow jangle at the neck, this Jaguar boasts extensive yet intuitive switching options. Engaging the Rhythm Circuit offers smoothed out, dark tones that help abate the excess treble response of many amps while also providing a lovely voicing for your favorite overdrive and fuzz pedals. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 11-49 roundwound strings, this Jaguar plays easily with low action and accurate intonation. The neck carve is still quite reminiscent of the rounder shapes seen in ’63, and while notably slender and fast-feeling in every dimension at the nut, the profile quickly gains substantial shoulder and heft with baseball bat-worthy chunk by the 7th fret and beyond. The profile measures .815" deep at the 1st fret, filling out to an impressive .980" at the 12th. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard is extremely dark and tight-grained with clay dot inlay and original slender fretwire. The original nut has Fender's slender "A" nut width, measuring 1 1/2" in width. On the headstock, the original "Fender Jaguar" waterslide decal is very clean and completely intact on the headstock, and the original Kluson Deluxe single line machines are intact, turn smoothly and hold pitch well. The neck heel retains its bold January, 1964 date stamp, with the correct paint stick markings in the neck pocket as well. On the body, all of the control plates retain their gleaming chrome finish and provide a nice contrast to the stock nitrate tortoise pickguard that has the deep yellow swirling and ruddy color only seen on Pre-CBS era Fender guards. All of the electronics are clean and original, with Stackpole pots that date back to the 36th week of 1963 and solder joints that haven't been touched since the factory. The body routes are untouched, with original shielding plates intact, and beneath the "claws" of both pickups, the bobbins retain their original windings. The vibrato unit is properly calibrated for everything from subtle shimmies to deep bends, jumping back into tune well and responding to the slightest touch with the original arm. The vibrato works in concert with the original bridge, and the stock flip-up string mute even retains the original surprisingly tall foam (foam would need to be replaced to be functional). The nitro lacquer three-tone Sunburst finish is dark and saturated, with a broad central ring of red. There is heavy playwear on the back and body edges, with various scattered nicks and marks of honest wear across the body, and one spot where a guitar strap reacted with the nitro on the treble side lower bout on the back. The original smooth nitro gloss is intact on profile, with just a few inconsequential minor marks on the carve. The original blonde tolex hardshell case with black leather ends and functional latches is included. ***We are dealers for the Mastery M1 bridge and Offset Vibrato which can be installed/included prior to shipment for an additional charge***