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1963 Magnatone Custom 213 Troubadour Vintage Tube Amp 1x12 w/ Vibrato, Pre-Estey


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Up for sale, a 1963 Magnatone Custom 213 Troubadour in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This Custom 213 is fresh back from our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with a clean bill of health.

One of the cooler and less common mid-size Magna Electric-era Magnatone amps, the 213 boasts a single 12" alnico Oxford speaker and is powered by a matched pair of Electro Harmonix 6V6s, delivering 18 all tube watts. Whether you seek round, sparkling cleans or surprisingly thick overdrive, this Magnatone easily supplies a range of dynamic tube-driven textures. Of course one of the main draws of any Magnatone is the true pitch vibrato, and with a width and warble unequalled in tube amp design, this vibrato circuit is in a word "lush."

The point-to-point circuit boasts the original output transformer, with a properly spec'd vintage power transformer manufactured by Thordarson. The preamp features a number of modern Sprague Orange Drop caps, and three original pots are intact, with a modern pair of CTS pots in the vibrato circuit. A three-prong power cable has also been installed. In addition to the modern, properly-biased EH 6V6 power tube pair, the amp features vintage preamp tubes from the likes of Sylvania and Amperex, along with a vintage USA-made "coke bottle" rectifier.

The original Oxford 12K5R-7 alnico magnet speaker is intact with a very clean frame and bold date stamp from the 36th week of '63.

The original smooth brown leatherette covering shows some edge wear, and the original wheat grillcloth and unique back panel are also present. There are only a couple minor chips on the lower edge of the faceplate which is overall in wonderful shape, complete with all of the original knobs. The leather handle is vintage and mounted with original brackets.