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1963 Fender Vibrolux Brown Panel Vintage Pre-CBS Tube Amp 1x12 Combo, 6G11-A Circuit


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Up for sale, a 1963 Fender Vibrolux in excellent condition and in good working order. This rare 1x12 "Brown Panel" version of the Vibrolux is a bridge between the Tweed and Black Panel iterations in both specs and tone, with a glassy, touch-sensitive quality, robust cleans, and rich overdrive characteristics when dimed out. Pushing 35 all tube watts through a vintage Oxford alnico magnet 12L6N speaker, there's plenty to love about the versatility and tone offered by this Fender. The amp has plenty of clean headroom and the sweet sag of a tube rectifier, and when pushed above 5 on the volume dial, the signal starts to compress slightly and cascades into sweet overdrive with just enough bite. The bias-based tremolo circuit has a strong, thumping pulse that's deeper-sounding than later Fender circuits, with a wide range of speeds.

The circuit is freshly serviced and largely original, retaining the original Schumacher output transformer and choke. The choke dates to the 3rd week of '63 and the output transformer has some light wear to the exposed paper, obscuring the date code. The power transformer is a properly spec'd replacement fitted with the original endbell for a clean, vintage appearance. All of the original blue molded Ajax tone caps are intact in the preamp and an integral part of the sweet, musical nature of the circuit. All of the stock Stackple pots are intact as well, with visible date codes from the 2nd week of '63. The power supply has been recapped with high quality F&Ts, along with new bias and bypass caps in the preamp, sleeved in their original Minimite wrappers. The original two-prong power cable is intact, and a three-prong can be installed at the buyer's discretion for no additional cost. The power tubes are a matched pair of vintage USA-made Sylvania 6L6s, with vintage Sylvania and RCA valves in the preamp, and a modern Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier.

The Oxford 12L6N alnico magnet speaker is a vintage replacement, identical to the stock speaker that would have come in this amp, dating to 1967 and sporting a very clean frame. The speaker has been recently professionally reconed, and the stock speaker harness is intact. Inside the cabinet, the original tube chart is present with a hand-written "M" (second letter denoting the month of production is obscured), translating to 1963.

The original rough brown tolex and wheat grillcloth are present, and there are some requisite minor marks and scuffs on the enclosure, with light wear through the tolex on the bottom corners of the cabinet. The faceplate retains all of the original brown barrel knobs, and the original chassis straps, push-in sphinx glides (feet) and handle caps are intact.

This Vibrolux is a rare, thoroughly serviced, and largely original vintage Pre-CBS Fender amp that's ready for stage and studio use.