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1963 Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Gold Sparkle Top w/ Raymac Tines, Ray Manzarek-Spec


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Up for sale, a 1963 Fender Rhodes "Pre-CBS" Piano Bass in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. A Piano Bass with extremely rare and highly desirable cosmetics, the combination of a gold sparkle molded fiberglass top, brown tolex exterior, and mirrored faceplate with witch hat knobs is associated with a single player, Ray Manzarek. With the Doors, Manzarek's gold sparkle-topped Piano Bass was a mainstay in his rig, bridging his use of both Vox Continental and Gibson G-101 combo organs. Far rarer than the silver sparkle top Piano Basses that Fender Rhodes offered concurrently, the gold sparkle tops are a truly special find.

This Fender Rhodes features square tone bars, Raymac tines, early 4" pickups wound with green wire, an all wood action assembly with large felt tipped hammers, and mahogany cheek blocks framing the mirrored namerail, all of which are unique to these early Piano Basses.

Well-kept and freshly serviced, this piano is ready for stage and studio use with an extremely clean harp, level key caps and quick action. The early Rhodes Piano Basses have a round, sweet sound with plenty of bell-like cut and thick bass bark. The resonance of the combination of the early square tone bars and Raymac tines is also quite distinct from any Piano Bass produced post-1968. The original key bushings are still nice and tight, moving smoothly and evenly without being sluggish or having any side to side motion. The hammers and damper felts are also still in great shape, showing only minor indentations and performing their functions well. All of the original Raymac tines and square tone bars are present.

The wiring harness features one original CentraLab pot which dates to 1962, and one vintage replacement pot, with a modern, heavy duty RCA cable extending from the harness to the harp. The knobs include one vintage witch hat and one later replacement.

The original small "Fender Rhodes" badge on the mirrored namerail is intact, and the brown tolex is all original and quite clean, with a few minor scuffs and one small square of patched tolex on the bottom. The thick plush red interior is intact on the lid, and original hardware includes the latches, hinges and sphinx glides (feet). And of course, the gold sparkle molded fiberglass top is original, with no splits or notable wear.

This Rhodes is a real beauty, extremely rare in any condition and tonally everything a great Rhodes should be.