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1963 Fender Jaguar Vintage Pre-CBS Offset Guitar Olympic White, Collector-Grade w/ Hangtag & Case


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Up for sale, a 1963 Fender Jaguar in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original hangtag, warranty card and black tolex hardshell case. Produced in the last weeks of '63, this Jaguar is stunningly well-kept, 100% original save for a pair of rewinds on the original black bobbin, staggered pole single coils. The Olympic White gloss nitro lacquer finish with matching peghead is stunningly clean and virtually unaged, and this Jaguar pairs an alder body with a maple neck and extremely dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

Featuring an early pair of staggered pole piece black bobbin Jaguar pickups, these single coils deliver plenty of sparkling cut and sweetness. In design and output they're virtually identical to a Strat pickup, albeit with the metal "claw" surrounds that both focus the magnetic field of the pickups and reduce unwanted hum. The myriad of switching options and original 1Meg potentiometers cover the traditional Fender single coil territory, yet with the cutting top end that only comes with a Jag. In the Lead Circuit (hexagonal control plate), the "strangle" switch cuts low end and can make for great tic-tac tones. The Rhythm Circuit on the guitar's lower horn introduces a set of darker tonalities exclusive to the neck pickup, with a richness and low end girth that fills things out nicely and is great for driving a tube amp or your favorite fuzz box. This Jaguar weighs 8lbs 2oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 11-49 roundwound strings, low action, and spot-on intonation.

The maple neck has a medium C-shaped profile carve at the nut, with significant roundness and shoulder as you travel up the fretboard, measuring .825" deep at the 1st fret and .985" at the 12th. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard is an extremely dark, tight-grained cut of this hallowed tonewood, featuring clay dot inlay and original slender frets which show virtually no wear. The guitar plays cleanly in every register with a straight neck and responsive, optimally adjusted truss rod. The nut measures 1 5/8" in width. The "Fender Jaguar" waterslide decal is practically perfect on the Olympic White peghead, and the Kluson Deluxe single line tuning machines are intact, turning smoothly and holding pitch as intended with notably clean plating. On the neck heel, the Dec, 1963 date stamp is very bold, with a flush truss rod nut that has needed sparingly little adjustment in the last half century. The neck pocket retains a factory black fiber neck shim and the L-shaped "paint stick" markings from where the body was hung in the factory when finish was applied.

On the body, all of the original electronics function as intended with the original black bobbin pickups, both of which have just been rewound to original spec and potted with black wax, metering at 6.65k ohms in the bridge position and 6.45k at the neck. The 1Meg Stackpole pots in the Lead Circuit date to the 9th week of '63. The chrome-plated hardware is positively gleaming, and even the original bridge cover is included, covering the threaded bridge saddles which show light, uniform surface patina. The stock bridge works in concert with the vibrato unit, and this Jaguar can execute everything from very subtle warbles and shakes at the end of notes, all the way to deeper dives that jump back to the original pitch with ease. The original flip-up mute has been fitted with fresh foam, engaging as it should. The wide bevel nitrate tortoise pickguard is a deep, glossy red, showing virtually no shrinkage and sitting flush with the body.

The Olympic White gloss nitro lacquer finish is 100% original with no touchup or overspray, and there's just a hint of yellowing of the clear coat on the body, with a small area of light forearm wear through the clear where the forearm crosses the top. Cosmetic wear is limited to a few small nicks and scuffs on the body perimeter and across the back, one small spot of case rub on the treble-side upper bout edge, and a small finish chip beneath the bottom edge of the neck plate. The virtually un-ambered gloss finish on the neck profile is flawless.

The original hangtag is included, along with the warranty card. The original black tolex case is an early no-logo example, equally as clean as the guitar with black leather ends, functional latches, and the original handle.