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1963 Fender Bassman 6G6B Blonde Brown Panel Vintage Piggyback Tube Amp w/ Oxford 12M6 Speakers


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Up for sale, a 1963 Fender Bassman in excellent condition and in perfect working order, featuring the original matched pair of Oxford 12M6 speakers. An early iteration of the "Piggyback" Bassman with rough blonde tolex and wheat grillcloth, this Brown Panel-era Fender drives two Sovtek 5881 (6L6GC) power tubes for 40 powerful watts of pure tube goodness. Like the Tweed amps that preceded it, the Brown Panel circuits respond well to picking dynamics with Fender's hi-fi, glassy clean tones. The EQ controls have a huge sweep, and after around 5 on the Volume dial the amp cascades into rich tube overdrive that compresses noticeably and is particularly roaring and thick. It's the kind of natural tube saturation that only comes from pushing a well-designed Fender circuit to its limit. A Pre-CBS Fender Blonde Bassman was used on more Beatles recording sessions than the Vox AC30, was a particular favorite of Pete Townshend, and has become the amp forever linked with Brian Setzer's classic Rockabilly tones. It's hard to beat this particular Bassman circuit for a tone that bridges the gap between the dynamic grit of the Tweed circuits and the shimmery cleans of the Black Panel line.

The circuit is very original and has been well-maintained and recently serviced with fresh F&T filter caps. a few new smaller electrolytics in the preamp, and a modern three-prong power cable. All of the famed blue molded Ajax capacitors are intact in the preamp, an essential part of the sweet, musical character of Fender's Brown Panel circuits. with stock Stackpole pots, carbon comp resistors, and cloth-covered leads. All of the Schumacher-made transformers are intact, with date codes that span late 1962 and early '63. The tube chart is intact inside the head cabinet. The tube complement includes a pair of Sovtek power tubes that have been properly biased, and the preamp tubes consist of a combination of vintage and modern valves.

The cabinet retains the original matched pair of Oxford 12M6 speakers, with date stamps on the edges of the frames from the 43rd week of '63. Both speakers also boast professional recones, ensuring a particularly clear sound with refined, tight bass response. The cabinet is missing its internal central divider, of virtually no sonic consequence.

Both the head and cabinet retain their original rough blonde tolex and wheat grillcloth. The tolex exhibits some various marks commensurate with age, with a couple spots of light staining where sap in the knots of the pine cabinet has made its way through the tolex. Both flat Fender logos on the head and cab are original, and the clean faceplate retains its full set of cream barrel knobs. The hardware includes the original piggyback clip bars, nickel corners, sphinx glides, and tilt-back legs, with a new pair of leg stops. The dogbone handle on the head is original, and the one on the cab is a modern Fender replacement.