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1962 Newcomb E-253M Tube Guitar Amp Head 30 Watt 6L6 USA-Made, Acme Instruments Rebuilt


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Up for sale, a 1962 Newcomb Audio model E-253M tube amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order, rebuilt and voiced for guitar by Seattle-based Acme Instruments. Made in Hollywood, CA, this vintage hi-fi tube amp was originally designed to work with a phono turntable, and has been modified to accept a 1/4“ instrument signal. Loaded with a pair of NOS Russian 5881 (military spec 6L6) power tubes, this hot Class A circuit pushes roughly 30 watts, comparable to a Fender Pro, and firmly in the ballpark of 'Narrow Panel' Tweed tone. The separate channel Volume controls have been modified to act as two gain stages for the single input, akin to jumpering the channels on a JTM-45 or Fender 5E3 Deluxe. Channel One (Mike 1) is voiced much like a Fender or Magnatone, while Channel Two (Mike 2) is voiced similar to a Valco Treble input or Marshall Lead channel. Simply mix the two phase coherent channels with separate Volume controls and engage the Bass and Treble controls to further dial in your sound. The EQ capacitor values have been left stock, and the EQ knobs are flat at Zero and cut as you turn them up, just like a Vox AC50 or British hifi. Additional circuit upgrades and features include: Complete recap of all caps in the power supply and all high voltage signal caps Increased value on cathode bias resistor on output tubes paired with an added bypass cap for cooler running output tubes and fuller frequency response Added grounded IEC power cable receptacle 1/4" speaker out x2 Output impedance selector(4,8,16ohms) The point-to-point circuit has been impeccably rewired by Acme Instruments as noted above, and both modestly massive original transformers are intact. Cosmetically, this 60’s hi-fi tube head shows only modest wear on the enclosure, with the original set of large gray control knobs and the Acme badge just above the faceplate. The bottom of the enclosure features a sticker from the Elementary School AV lab in Tacoma, WA which used this amp in its heyday.