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1962 Gretsch Electromatic Twin 6161 Vintage Tube Amp, USA Valco-Made


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Up for sale, a 1962 Gretsch Electromatic Twin Model 6161 in excellent condition and in perfect working order, boasting a complete vintage tube set. Structurally identical to the famed Gretsch "Roundup" amplifier and the National branded "Trem-o-Tone," this USA-made Gretsch amp was produced, like every vintage Gretsch amp, by the Valco company in Chicago (home of Supro, National, Airline and more). For sweet tube saturated overdrive, you simply can't beat these early Valco circuits. Tube rectified with a pair of 6973 power tubes and approximate 15 watt output, the preamp has a focused, midrange rich quality that is articulate, dynamic and just plain fun to play. The amp has been retrofitted with a conventional 12" ceramic magnet speaker and retains the original Rola tweeter.

The circuit is extremely original and wired on numerous small terminal strips, with a few new capacitors as needed to ensure optimal functionality. All of the original transformers are intact, manufactured by Triwec (524 EIA code), which was based in Chicago. The transformers have dates from the 24th and 50th weeks of '62, and the original CTS pots have visible date codes from the 39th week of '62. A three-prong modern power cable has also been installed. The tube complement includes a pair of matched Phillips 6973 power tubes, a Sylvania rectifier, and all vintage valves in the preamp as well.

The amp features a replacement baffle board, likely swapped in the 1970s given the style of silver sparkle grillcloth, fitted with a vintage Marsland-branded ceramic magnet 12" speaker (instead of the 6x11 speaker pair usually found in this model). The original Rola-made 4" tweeter is intact, dating to '62.

The original deep navy blue covering on the cabinet is in great shape, with stock white piping and even the original "Gretsch" logo affixed to the new grillcloth. The small Valco serial number plaque is present, along with only light aging on the chrome-plated control panel.