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1962 Fender Pro Brown Panel Pre-CBS Vintage Tube Amp 6G5-A 1x15 w/ Jensen P15N


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Up for sale, a 1962 Fender Pro in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This amp delivered 40 powerful, articulate all-tube watts via a new matched pair of Tung Sol 5881 (6L6GC) power tubes. The Pro boasts Fender's unique "Harmonic Vibrato" circuit, and this complex design was Fender's only true pitch-shifting vibrato offered in an amp. Swampy, thick, and very Leslie-esque, it's a three-dimensional, full-bodied tone unlike any other Fender. The perfect middle ground between the dynamic, saturated tones of the earlier Tweed era amps and the shimmering cleans of the later Black Panel line, this Pro has a very warm and nuanced sound, with plenty of clean headroom before pushing into saturated overdrive. The circuit offers EQ controls that have a very wide sweep for everything from classic hollow twang to warm, sweet sounds that will delight any Jazz player.

The circuit is freshly serviced, balancing originality and functionality. The preamp retains all of the original blue molded Ajax caps which have a sweet, musical quality central to the sound of Fender's early '60s circuits. New components are limited to the main filter caps and smaller electrolytics in the preamp. The transformers include the original power transformer and choke, both manufactured by Schumacher, with dates spanning 1961-62. The output transformer is a vintage Fender substitution, also manufactured by Schumacher and dating to the 38th week of '64. All of the original Stackpole pots are intact, with visible date codes from the 22nd week of '62.

The tube chart is intact, and the "LJ" date stamp translates to October of 1962. The speaker is a vintage Jensen P15N alnico magnet driver with a clean dark green frame and blue foil Jensen label on the magnet cover. The speaker has also been professionally reconed, dating earlier than the amp, with a stamp on the edge of the frame from the 18th week of '60.

This Pro retains its original rough brown tolex, and a new pine baffle has been constructed, complete with vintage-spec oxblood grillcloth. The faceplate is in great shape, with a small ding adjacent to the Pro text, complete with the full set of original brown barrel knobs. The original flat Fender logo, sphinx glides (feet), and nickel corners are present, along with a modern Fender dogbone handle.

A modern footswitch is included.