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1962 Fender Princeton 6G2 Pre-CBS Brown Panel Vintage Tube Amp, Collector-Grade w/ Low Serial


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Up for sale, a 1962 Fender Princeton in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. This stunningly well-kept Brown Panel Princeton features the 6G2 circuit and is one of the very first off Fender's production line, with an extremely low P001XX serial number and date codes spanning 1961 and the first weeks of 1962. It's also one of the only Brown Panel Princetons factory fitted with an alnico magnet Oxford 10" speaker (the shift to ceramic magnet drivers happened extremely early in the 6G2's run).

Loaded with a full complement of vintage tubes, this Princeton has a tone that is very dynamic and warm, with crystalline clean tones giving way to rich, saturated overdrive as you turn up the Volume knob. The circuit is as pure and straightforward as they come, and the single Tone knob has a surprisingly wide range. The bias based tremolo circuit has a strong, dimensional pulse and particularly broad range of speeds too.

The circuit retains the original pair of Schumacher transformers, with a power transformer that dates back to the 46th week of '61, while the output transformer dates to the 4th week of '62. The preamp is extremely original with all of the original blue molded Ajax caps, which have a particularly sweet, musical tonal character central to Fender's Pre-CBS amps. The original Stackpole pots are intact, with visible date codes from the 32nd week of '61. The larger multi-section can cap is original, and the smaller electrolytics in the preamp are modern high quality components to ensure optimal functionality, sleeved in the original brown Minimite wrappers. A small bias pot has also been bridged on the bias cap to better dial in the tube bias, and a three-prong power cable has also been installed. The tube complement includes a pair of voltage matched Sylvania 6V6s with a JAN-branded 5Y3 rectifier and vintage preamp tubes as well.

The original alnico magnet Oxford 10JB speaker is intact with an extremely clean frame, original speaker harness, and a couple small repaired splits in the (likely original) cone. The original tube chart is well preserved inside the cabinet, retaining an "LA" date stamp which translates to January of 1962.

Cosmetically, the original rough brown tolex shows only very minor wear on the enclosure edges, and the original wheat grillcloth is also extremely clean. The faceplate is nigh flawless, retaining the original brown barrel knobs. The leather handle is a vintage-spec replica, and all of the original hardware is intact including handle caps, chassis straps, and sphinx glides (feet).

A modern replica one-button footswitch for engaging the Tremolo is included.